Tangshan's Blue Bay Town Experience Life Hall was made in China by GOA

Tangshan City Tangshan City, Greentown Tangsham Blue Bay City Experience Life Hall has been created by GOA to integrate luxury environments with new businesses, new locations, new community and areas.

Other items in the hall must be provided, as part of its learning comes from designing architectural designs and outdoor decoration methods. Between the pitch holes and the splendid water of the appearance, the building has many drops and appeals before entering. The triangle is a great theme, both on earth and the structure of the hall and some of the top corners.

When the designers first began to consider how the building looks and constructed, they decided to combine the idea of ​​building a particular center with the concept of modern methods in China. This is the source of the idea of ​​the structural structure you see in the final product; It was the best way and the idea of ​​integrating public space available and everyday life in the city.

As well as simply looking at the beauty, the original picture board actually serves as an extraordinary goal in terms of space. It is set to create a type of front pavilion & # 39; frontal street & # 39; which is a bridge between the regular routes in cities and the inner cleverness experience. The water looks like a temporary place to invite visitors to the conscious area.

In a powerful structure, the building is divided into three "volume" according to the work. At the top of the three sites, facing the main street of the city, is located in a space where housing may be temporarily rented for a long time or short-term. The rent budget here includes access to specialist cooking utensils and a range of activities with a variety of community events held weekly.

The second volume, which is close to the main entrance of the public hall, is displayed in the experience of life. This site is used as a purchase. Even today it is still in its early stages of operation, and finally at the convenience of shops, providing them with renters and visitors to the outside world of shopping experience.

Finally, the third is a range of services that surround the resources for active living conditions. These include a large supermarket, a cafeteria, a dining room, and a physical examination center, and other services. The purpose of this budget was to provide something that might be important for people living in the area but it may also be suitable for those who are walking while they do not expect them to get full service in the city area.

From the entrance to the end of the hall, temporary transitional locations are located in shops, activities, and services. These areas are designed to visit a breakthrough in their city's habitat, enjoying the green spaces between the modest modern umbrella and moving to popular social networks.

Yilong Zhao photos