Telling a true story through the interior design, with Mikel Welch being Mikel Welch Designs

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Welcome to other events about Home Use Workers. Today joining Podcast is Mikel Welch. Mikel is the designer who manages and controls the internal construction business, Mikel Welch Designs, in New York. It is also a television personality that displays its quality of awareness in millions of spectators, teaching them how to create comfortable spaces with a budget. Mikel also created the first charity for First Lady Michelle Obama, First Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, and Halle Berry.

Mikel is really a well-known, popular, and all-in-one TV! In these circumstances, Mikel travels to his travels and lives such as the interior designer and the television personality. We also talk about how Mikel explained his skill as a designer, why he believes that successful technicians have the quality of life, and the importance of having every opportunity in your life. Try to see all this and many in the event today!

Key Points:

  • As Mikel started embedding the interior and when he came out of the TV.
  • Mikel described it as "haunted" at his time in his life.
  • How did Mikel develop his skills as a designer, teaching him?
  • The story of how Mikel came back on a big holiday from Craigslist.
  • Why is Mikel believed that the inner structure is rich in quality.
  • The films of Mikel TV.
  • As Mikel is in contact with his audiences at a showcase.
  • The difference between TV and real life.
  • Understand the position of the person in the home.
  • Mikel's principle is to create his business and develop his skills.
  • Find out regularly and take the opportunity of your road.
  • As Mikel's personality seems to be his work.
  • Mikel got the best ideas and the best of the best.
  • Understand the story of a novel character.
  • The biggest obstacle for Mikel has faced increased business.
  • Because Steve Harvey did not want to work for him was the best ever Mikel.
  • They want to take on Mikel and his business this year.
  • A microphone in Mikel, everyone must follow, the best gift for Mikel, and more!


"Internal structure, one of you, or you can not." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:04:30.1]

"You are not a gambler, but I'll put all the business cards in my bags in order to change my dream." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:16:55.1]

"Most of what we do in the interior design is a storytelling." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:18:06.1]

"Do not be afraid to talk. Many hearts and artists want to tell you the story behind their stuff." – @mikelwelch [0:[0:[0:[0:19:38.1]

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