The Artek HQ Office of Helsinki has been completed by SevilPeach

Helsinki, Finland, SevilPeach recently completed a revamped restructuring to create the new concept of Artek HQ in Helsinki. The new office is located on the 4th floor of the 19th century structure which was one of the most expensive building houses. Located in the center of town, surrounded by play areas. When composed of small rooms that define long, dark mirrors, the layout has been adjusted to light, with many openings.

Challenges and architecture, it was a challenge to change it & # 39; s one of them believed to increase the democratic dialogue, production, effects, spirit, and a few companies and consumers to be placed. The group also wanted to increase the amount of sunlight entering the space.

SevilPeach and their team are very busy with this project. They had only 7 months to complete the entire space, from the goal to complete, so the effectiveness of the system was the key. Although they carefully constructed the building and details, some of the cosmetics were left out of raw materials or the "quality" found. Instead of looking at it, however, these features will simply put a full view of the image.

At first, the staff restored the lowest form, and raised roofs to shed more light, allowing open space. The goal was to create a range of events that came out of a historical, reassigning a clean government for designs to build something new.

Currently, the office finishes two rooms and five private workplaces. There is also a beautiful, welcoming place, with a great location, a kitchen, and even a library. The private space allows the staff to relax in the brain for a while without notice.

Office offices have reorganized how relationships and interactions between workplaces are relatively simple and effective. Many access to outside space and sunlight have been made clear. These two integral elements, as well as unnecessary doors, will make it feel free to walk freely and in the community.

Workplaces open centers and storage, including provisions different to allow workers to complete their assigned tasks, however they need, and to encourage them to stay and focus to every day go as appropriate The colors, the basic colors and the unlucky spaces, elegant spaces and spacious comfortable rooms make offices feel good but also good. It's actually a modern and colorful leafy leafy leaf and sporting, flexible patch.

The official sitting room continues the topic of curtains. More deep circles give you a sense of security and sense of security, but also a specialist skill. However, curtains, however, prevent them from removing the rest of the entire site or making it more outrageous and scary. The windows also provide the main area of ​​the music.

All types of seats are often returned to the office, wood, or medium. This creates an interesting variation of bright colors and industry locations elsewhere. Things from the various companies and the integration of the space in the space are represented by the beauty of the modern, modern way.

It is possible that the best way of the office is to include a series of art galleries, in collaboration with the lounge library to provide staff and visitors with the wonderful access to education, resources, and the arts. These things will increase their experience.

Pictures: Tommy Photoshop