The Avenida Central building was designed by Emilio Alvarez Abouchard Arquitectura on Mexico Road

A beautiful street in Morelia, Mexico with flowers on the Jacaranda plant, Emilio Alvarez Abouchard Arquitectura teams have built the Avenida Central Building and will soon build a growing health center. The building is named after the street it actually sits, which many Morelia residents claim to be the most beautiful street in the entire city. Besides the beautiful Jacaranda trees that adorn both sides, adding color and floral texture, the path also adds to the city's stunning landscape with a spectacular view.

Originally developed in the 1960s, the neighborhood that Avenida Central manages is called Chapultepec Norte. It is only 3km east of the city center of Morelia, enabling all walks of life in the city but just removed enough to provide a very relaxed atmosphere.

The decorations of the buildings are different from those built in the downtown area as well. There, the structures have a sense of historical structure and urban colonialism that is central to many Mexican cities. These are, after all, often, mainly urban centers that were first built and then launched from the outside. Near Avenida, there are changes in the structure of modern and a little bit, but without forget the way the local cultural and completely.

Part of what Go & # 39; s on the road has is its importance to the extremely green landscape and plant life, as well as its extensive trails. The presence of large parks and lots of green terrain and additional physical terrain for non-motorized travel makes the area a great place for bicyclists, bicyclists, and pets. The whole atmosphere is peaceful, welcoming, and restorative.

Designers of the Avenida Central Building, used for mixed use, this street building was an opportunity to incorporate the atmosphere we now describe and the local culture and style of expression, such as the architectural glory. They wanted to make sure the new structure was modern, transparent, and in a good environment.

The building sits on a very large, spacious, rectangular structure that intersects those crossing the highways we mentioned. The straightforward nature of the space they have to work well with creates a lane-like structure that is simple and clean with good openness, without looking too complicated and modern.

On the ground floor, two fittings on the main sides of the building make room for a rear parking lot, where it does not impede the walk or the street atmosphere, as well as a beautiful outdoor play area for customers, staff, visitors, or followers who respect the sunset days.

The two upper levels of the building is where the Skin Care Center will eventually live inside the building. This program has chosen an open space with natural light, which transitions freely through the large windows and glass walls that illuminate the interior throughout the day in a manner that is less reflective.

The highest level of the building is a terrace-shaped roof that offers stunning views of the Morelia line. This feature includes long-distance red rock climbing events, built in the 1700s. The road on which the building sits is surrounded by green land and the sun shines on a beautiful outdoor terrace that contributes to how glass walls are already feeling the entire building is nearer to boundaries.

Perhaps the most unique building was as skilled as naqshadeeyayaashu completely looga get across. Part of this was building a tower upstairs in the center that provides easy access to every floor, and every room there. Instead of installing any boring and industrial plants, however, they made this unit central to glass, allowing sunlight to enter the center of the day. At night, light-emitting lamps go out and can be seen through glass windows from the street. The central feature is called "la tour de verre".

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