The best investment now is to invest in yourself.

The best investment now is to invest in yourself

A friend is a senior financial expert and talked to me about an interesting question: “Many young people ask me, what is the best investment now, stocks, futures or funds?” Br>

“I always answer them: ‘The best investment is to invest in yourself!'”

I told him about the story of two young people in my company.

One is called Xiao A: Every month, I save money, save 1/2 of my salary, and look for investment opportunities everywhere. At the same time, my work is still hard, and my salary is growing year by year.

The other is called Xiao B: save every month, save 1/2 of the salary, use it to learn various skills, improve your professional level, such as English, software, design Wait.

After three years, due to the continuous strengthening of the work ability of the small B, the work is serious and responsible, leading to a steady rise in business, and entered the core management of the company! Of course, the income has also opened up the gap with the small A, not to mention the continuous improvement of self-quality, so that you can reach more outstanding friends and meet better targets!

So, especially when you are young, the best investment is not stocks, you invest yourself and make yourself more competitive in this society!

So, how do you invest yourself?


Investing in your own body

Good health is a strategic force in life! Why are the big guys physically strong?

Because life is not a hundred meters race, but a marathon. In addition to fighting for intelligence, fighting ability, and fighting resources, there is also a very important one in the competition to fight for the body and endurance.

If Chairman Mao did not develop a strong body when he was young, how can he withstand tremendous psychological pressure and work intensity? How can you not be overwhelmed by the environment and your opponent? How can I finally win in bad conditions?

Cao Cao’s chief adviser, a generation of ghosts, Guo Jia, was frail and sick at the age of 38. Even if he was “superior and strategist”, he could only leave regret and sigh.

Now many of us don’t pay attention to the body. For example, many bosses I know, for the enterprise, there is no day and night. People who are decades old are running around every day, and a meal can’t be eaten well. In the end, the body is paralyzed and the company is paralyzed.


Invest in your image

The image not only reflects the aesthetic, but also a life attitude!

You look at James Bond, wearing a suit, always a gentleman’s appearance, awkward demeanor!

The same is true of medieval Westerners’ duels. When two people make an appointment, they wear formal attire and dress neatly and meticulously. If you have to fight, you won’t be finished wearing a pair of pants, but they don’t, it embodies a dignity of life!

The majority of the Chinese people ignore the external image, and the name of the country is “emphasizing the inner being”. The result is not only external, but also not beautiful inside!

Image is the lowest cost communication, the most cost-effective investment!

A person looks like a bad person and walks like a bad person. Is he a good person or a bad person in the minds of others? Even if you are not a bad person, you will have to waste a lot of money to reverse your cognition!

A bad image forms a bad perception! Why not let your image be as good as the inside at the beginning?

Remember: Image and inner are equally important!


Invest in your brain

In fact, our life is composed of one choice, participate in an activity, change a job, get to know a friend. Every choice may be the turning point of life, and after many years, recalling this, you will find that it was just a random decision. What drives us to make decisions is our own experience, vision, and thought!

So the biggest enemy of life is narrow!

Either read a book or travel, at least one body and soul are on the road!

Reading the true meaning is to change a person’s mental structure. Not reading, it is one person; reading, it will become another person. By changing one’s fundamental mind, driving him to go to another life; therefore, it is hard to say what is useful for reading, that is to gain self-cultivation and achieve reborn!

The greatest significance of tourism is to increase your knowledge and let you know that the world is not black or white, but there are endless choices and possibilities; then your heart will be wider, your body and mind will be healthier, life It will be smoother!


Investing in their own professional skills

A large number of people misunderstood the “barrel theory”, they are bent on making up their own shortcomings, but never I have thought of letting my strengths reach the limit and build my core competitiveness!

“Wooden barrel theory” refers to those who have already succeeded, and if they want to continue to maintain their superiority, they must not have fatal weaknesses. For example, a country’s leaders must understand both politics and the economy, as well as military, diplomatic, and cultural… in short, there must be no weaknesses.

But for those who have not succeeded, if you want to succeed, you must enlarge one of your longboards long enough to use this longboard to break through. Instead of trying to make yourself perfect! For example, if a long-distance runner wants to succeed, he will take his legs to the extreme, not whether he can write the article.

So you have to “anti-barrel theory” – the enterprenders want to make a breakthrough, there can be no fatal advantage!

If you want to develop core professional skills, you can’t hope to take shortcuts, because success is not a one-off event. Everyone’s success often takes at least ten years!

Because there is a “10,000-hour law” behind success: When you continue to invest 10,000 hours in a field, you can become a top expert in this area. According to 3 hours a day, it takes about ten years to complete the accumulation of 10,000 hours!

Many people only see the flowers of the big trees, but he did not see the roots in the ground for many years. Success or genius is nothing more than a word: use a decade to grind a sword!


Invest in your personal brand

A friend’s daughter graduated from college and asked her parents for 300,000 yuan to be a “startup fund”. But then she did not open a company like a normal entrepreneur, but went to a bank branch in Beijing to do “temporary workers” selling sales cards.

The arrangement for 300,000 yuan is: I bought a car with more than 100,000, and I bought some fashionable and elegant clothes for more than 100,000. The other money is used as a pocket money for people to eat and eat. “.

Do she use entrepreneurship as an excuse to lie to the family’s money? Really not!

Then she studied business etiquette, examined the business places that executives liked, and found out the location, booking method, consumption level and specifications. Then, in the fellows and alumni, look for successful people, and the acquaintances introduce different people to gather and eat.

Because of her careful preparation, she has been endorsed and appreciated by almost everyone, and she is considered to be a very identifiable person. Everyone is willing to call her, she chooses a place, set a place, and treats her as a guest of high-end event consultants.

The next bank card sale was very difficult, but it became very simple for her. In just a few months, she became the sales champion of this branch. Due to her outstanding performance, she was quickly promoted to vice president and president, and was transferred to the headquarters five years later.

It turns out that her business is to treat herself as a company and as a brand. The car and clothes are her entrepreneurial equipment, and the preparation for business etiquette is her soft power!

Life is an investment process, where is the result of the investment!

There is more money, and it may become overnight.


A position that rises to a higher position may also be returned to its original shape in an instant;

Only ability, quality and pattern will never leave you!

So the best investment is to invest in yourself. The best way to invest is to learn, and thus improve your level, ability and cultivation!