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Best November's Best Meetings in the United States

There is no such place at home during vacation time, but that does not mean you can not pack a bag in your luggage and go. If you are looking for a war or a winter island, there are many cities in the United States who have little to do with Christmas.

Treat this holiday season one of the best Christmas places in the United States!

Looking for Lights, Austin


Texas head to track Austin Trail of Light. It is the most beautiful city in the city and the second largest year of the year. More than 400,000 people visit every year, and Austin transforms a video of 2 million lights, food trucks, and nightclubs.

Go on your journey between 10th and December 23th if you do not want to miss all the events!

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Collect and cross the Windy City to the famous Christkindlmarket! It is the dark blue Christianity presented by one of them in Nürnberg, Germany to 1545.

Run from November 16th to December 24th, Christkindlmarket is the largest Chicago event in the open-ended Christmas party!

But that is the beginning of the Chicago events. On the 16th and 17th November, you can participate in Magnificent Mile Fights.

There is a party, rashin, shopping, even the light of daylight! If you can not do it at the end of the week, there are still strange lights during all Mile cities and you do not want to miss.

Have holiday trips to stop the Christmas Day Museum of Science and Industry at the World Expo. The festival consists of four characteristics, a natural heritage around 50 trees and shows.

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Colorado is one of the most popular places in the US. From Vail to Aspen, from Breckenridge to Steamboat, there are many different opportunities for snow and dance cities.

Each order is equal to any level of snow or snow, if you are the beginning or expert. Holiday days, snowing or fire suppression for a good book.

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Santa Claus Indiana


Have you ever visited a city called Santa Claus? You are lucky! Santa Claus, Indiana, has named herself "America Homesown" at # 39;

All year round activities include wind and relief equipment that sell medicines. But one of the most beautiful features of the city is the Land of Light – a 1.2-mile-color display!



Florida is a beautiful choice for those who want to change the winter buds for the coasts of the coast. But there are some very soft things about taking your best holiday in the world -Disneyworld!

If you are with your family, go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. You can soften your winter sweater, eat and drink the chocolate chocolate and cigarettes, which make your heart cry out of your favorite qat.

Some of the children's entertainment is down in the south to Miami. Here is a breakthrough tool, and you can find light bulbs and lighters.

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What more party did you have to bring to the Alaska Christmas? It is Santa's where all live!

You can send a letter to his / her home, and you can get an answer. Alaska's winter period is also a great way to see the light of the north – if you are awake with difficult situations.

You will find many Christmas celebrations, including park with ice competition and snow.



Christmas is a month of most events in Utah, especially Salt Lake. You can go to the Temple of Light instead of millions of light bulbs that shine on the place of birth or night in the light of the light in the Zoole Zoo "Zoo Zoo" event.

Think about how you came from Hallmark and south of Park City. The light bulbs on the highway and the light are covered with legs.

The holiday starts with the Electric Parade, and you can even see Santa when it's going to boom in the city center.

The Plaza Hotel in New York at Christmas

New York

New York is a US-based budget & # 39; Christmas Resource Christmas & # 39; – and good cause. The city boasts beautiful modern and Broadway shows that they make the winter real winter.

Between Rockafeller Center, Winter Village in Bryant Park, Central Park, and Rockets, there are many things to do in the Christmas season. The problem is much more, it's a delicate experience.

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Christmas in Disneyland


Southern California is a great choice if you're looking for a warm warm warmth. There are many areas of moisture, road trips, delicious food, and Disneyland!

Often like Disneyworld, the theme park is described as a holiday spirit. From personal Christmas celebrations to fun concerts, you will feel like a new baby at no time.

If Disney is not yours, less than an hour is at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside. Each year they host a six-week celebration, including 200 captives, pictures of Santa Claus, the world's largest alcohol, cargo, and more.

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What are some of the favorite things about Christmas in the United States? Did not I leave, everything is desirable? Please let me know the comments below!