The better the relationship, the more you must manage it, the relationship will last forever.

relationship The better, the more you manage, the more stable the relationship will be.

The better the relationship, the more careful Operating.

A friend took me yesterday to listen to a higher-level class of lecturers and attendees. At that time, when we arrived, I realized that many of my friends who came to the class were allowed to participate in special notices. My friend and I can come to the class. It is purely that my friend and the superior supervisory unit of the training organizer have a special leadership relationship. On the first day, we encountered this leader on other occasions and the information provided by the leader. I don’t know if the leader specially greeted me. We didn’t show anything after the next day at the training scene. We immediately found two empty seats and sat down.

In the original, after the leader told us about this, my friend and I agreed that he would contact me after the next morning. If he didn’t contact me, he said he didn’t want to go. I naturally won’t go. Unexpectedly, the next day until the afternoon, he contacted me and said that I was going to wait for me in the downstairs of my house. As a result, in order to catch up with the time, I didn’t change the formalities of the clothes. I went out wearing the slippers.

In the car, I asked him that we are only going to be late, I am wearing it again, isn’t it good? He said nothing, the relationship is good with him. He didn’t brag, we went, there were a lot of staff at the scene who volunteered to say hello to him. He was a calm and self-contained, and I was somewhat uncomfortable. I feel that because of his special relationship with the leadership, we should give the leader more performance. The higher the level of leadership, the more attention should be paid.

Of course, the reason why my friend was dragged into the afternoon to contact me is also a cause. He is not like what I have to rest on the weekend. There are many things in his company. Taking me to class, mainly for my consideration, according to him, in addition to learning to let us useful knowledge, you can also make friends who may be useful to me. I believe that today, if I take him to say something like this, he will not mind. Instead, I will be happy because I wrote this thought specifically, indicating that I am going with him to participate in the study. A true friend is a good word, and you can say that you can listen, but you don’t have to talk about false words.

My friend is based on his achievements from scratch, and he introduces the social status of many of his friends I know. His vision is not necessary. But everyone knows who can speak, and not everyone can do it. I used to have a little brother. I have a cooperative relationship with the company where he went to work. Since his boss sent him to help me and I are familiar with it, I basically let him do anything. I don’t evade him when I contact the customer. Anyway, there is a good thing, whether or not their company’s business will think of him, he will not let him get the advantage. At the beginning, he was more cautious and careful about my feelings. I didn’t know that it was because my cooperation with their company was less because of his own personality. I let him do more and more things. I am not worried about letting people participate in some projects with a large contract value. In the end, I really can’t stand the attitude of him to do things and return him to their boss.

The above two situations, as I said, are mainly about our interaction with a stronger party than us. Does leadership need to pay attention to the relationship with the subordinates? I think it is not only necessary but also more important. Otherwise, it will be the commander of the polished pole, and the second is that the subordinate Yang Feng is guilty and disobedient. If he is sold, he does not know what it is. In short, my experience is: no matter who you are, the better the relationship, the more you must manage your mind, the relationship will last forever.

 The better the relationship, the more you must manage it, the relationship will last forever.

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