The Bundesliga provides a long-term strategic understanding of IMG Reliance

Mumbai: The Bundesliga and IMG Reliance on Friday announced a long-term experience on the promotion of football and the German league in India.

This will see the Bundesliga and its clubs work on the development of Indian football through a series of annual activities, in collaboration with many Indian actors.

The Bundesliga, the German football league, is the second highest paid footballer in the world with the annual revenue of $ 4.5 billion. It is recognized by fans' supporters, as well as having the highest level of football around the world in 44,000.
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FC Bayern Mnchen and Borussia Dortmund, and some of the best in the world, including names such as Robert Lewandowski, James Rodriguez, Manuel Neuer and Marco Reus.
The Bundesliga is one of the most popular Indian football leagues with their supporters from the Bundesliga, their second choice of footballing choice. To qualify for the Indian football, the Bundesliga will work with IMG Reliance on football development projects.

These will be part of the German youth development strategy to launch the basic activities of different governments with the vision of higher education in India.

In addition, the Bundesliga will create a deeper connection to Indian consumers by organizing the visit of German football legends and football stars, German leagues, game chores and sports fields.

The Bundesliga will also work to maintain the German football cooperation by creating opportunities for Bundesliga clubs to explore the technical and business partnerships of India.

Robert Klein, executive director of the Bundesliga International, said: "Hindu fans love original background, that is why they are really close to our league, which boasts it's & # 39; football as looga turn & # 39 ;.

"The biggest goal in any European leagues, the best experience, the modern stadiums and the mirror provided by young players makes the Bundesliga a fantastic tackle for the Indian sports fans."

Srinivvaasan Gopalkrishnan, on behalf of IMGR, added: "It's an exciting opportunity to work with a football league with a vision of what he wants to achieve and has the confidence to come back to this desire. invest. "