The CBS will be stronger

At the CBS site, the total will not be immediate.

The network has lost several top managers over the past few months, and the acquisition of a new leader will be very difficult as usual. The person will have to deal with an open investigative investigation of sexual assault claims that lead to the former heads and the behavior of the company. He or she will also be forced to embark on a commercial look and rush and look at the long-term wishes of the CBS manager, Shari Redstone.

Industrial recovery is a sad thing. The CBS, the most watched website in the last decade, remains the king of the crucial time, but it is adhering to an incompetent kingdom. TV audiences are optimistic about modern designs such as YouTube, Instagram and Netflix to attract more time.

Richard D. Parsons, who led the board before starting work last week for medical reasons, had direct talks with several managers to show their interest in the CBS leadership. Among them include HBO head Richard Plepler, according to two people familiar with the conversation who spoke about the unacceptable situation because the conversations were unique.

Mr Plepler was not interested and no official offer was made, people said. But the modern way looks like the way Mr Parsons, who is known to speak through a little idea of ​​a small group before you know well.

But big, new leaders of the network is temporarily – at least the subject – making each person designated as temporarily as possible, as well. Add recently Shaking up a company and the company is in a vicious circle.

In a new five-week period, CBS is still the most watched, with an average audience of 8.8 million. However, the total viewing audience has declined from 12 percent last year, reflecting a decline in the overall TV networks.

(CBS reported Thursday that third-quarter revenue rose by 3 percent to $ 3.2 billion, contributing 14 percent to the advertisement bulletin and 15 percent increase in license fees.)

In October, the committee commissioned the new research company Korn Ferry to find a new director. This activity seems to take at least four months, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of not being able to identify the issues in looga. Mr. Ianniello, 50, who has been working for the executive director of the company for the past five years, is the only candidate to be named so far.

Candidates will be assessed on the basis of the major strategic plan of the CBS commission, which deals with contracts with another company, the people said.

Ms. Redstone, run by CBS through its family business, Amusations National, has been angered by Viacom, MTV and Nickelodeon Television, which controls it.

Ideally, mediation protects the two companies from technology technology since a large company will have a lot of bargain management when dealing with licensing deals with cable and satellite companies to ensure better health & .

Leslie Moonves, the chief executive officer in September, cautioned against the agreement, resulting in one of the few recent remnants of the recent memory.

In May, the CBS condemned Ms. Redstone to raise its power through the provision of private shares of stock. The law was eventually dismissed after allegations of sexual violence against Mr. Moonves – revealed two New York articles – he ended his CBS celebration.

However, the legitimate war had presented a window to Ms. Redstone 's opinion, which has been described in the May 5, 2011 CBS Convention Against National Amusements, or N.A.I.

Ms. Redstone discussed the long-term CBS plan, focusing on a two-step process with the Viacom integration that will strengthen the two companies, which will continue with the sale or consolidation of power, N.A.I. open the possibility of rolling the ballot as part of the second transaction.

Moon Moonves deal with Ms. Redstone continues to join the union for two years. But the CBS can check for possible action, including the Viacom Agreement, which is independently owned by Ms. Redstone

If the Commission considers the unification, that will affect the choice of the executive as the person may have both CBS and Viacom. Another strategy can be to sell a CBS company, which may also be a matter of how the board considers the candidates.