The Fujitsu offices of Billard Leece Partnership have contributed to the value of the Japanese company and the Melbourne influence of Melbourne

At Melbourne, Australia, the new international office of the Japanese company Fujitsu has recently been designing design teams Billard Leece Partnership with the aim of integrating visual, visibility, and decorations in the two countries.

The well-known international technology company aims to create its employees in the identifiable details of any nation, culture, and history, but also feels confident in order to maintain comfortable things to easy to strengthen. a plan to suppress the global cost of the company "One Fujitsu" with a combination of Australian flavors combined with the knowledge.

Melbourne is a well-known city known as the European design and design architecture, which provided many unique designers who worked together in the past. The result of this and Japanese ideas for access to technology and cleaning minimalism was clean, challenging, and less sensitive and intelligent. The apparently visible appearance can be seen in any detail and surface finish.

Other items on decorating in Melbourne have been the city's way of organizing. The refusal of the same mirror with frameworks accompanied by bigger streets, the city has encouraged the designer's designs in the mirror and colorful colors in many different types of activity that seemed so good, organized and organized.

Fujitsu and Japanese roots have featured beautifully decorated parts of the office. The company's red flags are used through open space, such as clothing, decorative goods, decorative details, and garbage. The bright red carpet serves as a global international link while still maintaining a central location in the local area.

At the same time, the designers aim to protect Japan's roots and the local influence of Melbourne to build their structure, and also want to include the key value of the company itself (beyond the red color). These offices, however, respectfully respect & respect the use of continuous equipment as they demonstrate leadership based on innovation through the intensive interaction with a vehicle technology communication at the workplace.

Generally, the completed offices offer a flexible and flexible workplace that provides all employees of all types of facilitated, voluntary, customer involvement, and community workplace, depending on the needs of the person . Every place is equipped with the latest technology, which makes it an open space for information that is relevant and interdependent.

Photos of Ian Ten Seldam and Damien Kook.