The home of a variety of families in Thomas & Spiers

Located in Dulwich in the United Kingdom, Tactile House is a beautiful, moist house that is recently covered by a natural, subtle, and inward, all thanks to Thomas & Spiers.

According to the designs, the lower floor of the Tactile House is a play area. Part of their purpose was to integrate various types of different types of devices that integrate and give priority to family life in integration. This can be seen in the semi-wearing room with a duvet straps attached to the wall directly and posted in the kitchen and the family room through a broken wall .

At home, visitors will see all types of play equipment. These include but are not limited to cast iron, working clothes, different ceilings and clothing, pets, and rope used as curtains. The purpose of the use of many devices in different ways is to make separate home (especially apparently) play, rest, eat, entertainment, and so on.

On floors, sleeping rooms and toilets are modern. These are recycled to appear modern smartphones, but it is still interesting, as evidence that the walls of the mirror walls and soft jars are constructed in one wall. Everywhere you go to the house, you will find the strength of natural light to reach anywhere. This objective can be seen well in the kitchen and living room with all the walls consisting of windows windows. This wall keeps the priority when allocated to the place without any deductions by making all the backs of the place where they might enjoy or eat.

Photos: James Whitaker, Billy Bolton, and Emily Seymour-Taylor