The insurance salesman responded in such a way that “insurance is deceptive”

insurance The salesperson responded in such a way that

The most important insurance company now faces The problem is the crisis of trust. 99 out of 100 people feel that insurance is a lie and does not believe in insurance. When the insurance salesman is faced with the problem of “insurance is a lie”, the insurance salesman will answer this question. This is the most common problem for the insurance salesman at the beginning, and the general insurance salesman will answer this question. /p>

1. Why do you think that you were cheated by insurance

2. First of all, the insurance company is regulated by the National Insurance Regulatory Commission. Any insurance company wants to set up and wants to put them. The introduction of products to the market requires the approval of the State Insurance Regulatory Commission. Therefore, as long as the insurance companies that can be established are approved by the state. Now the country is vigorously promoting the insurance industry. Now even Jingdong, Alipay and WeChat are involved in the insurance industry. Are they all deceiving?

3. Give an example of why so many people say that insurance is a lie. of. First of all, it may be that the insurance business person who just entered the business exaggerated the insurance product for the performance of the business and the customer did not get the claim. There is also the customer did not read the insurance terms carefully, did not understand the insurance, bought a serious illness insurance, think that as long as it is sick, you can claim compensation

4. It will also give examples of getting claims, and Old customers who have signed several policies, these are to dispel customer concerns.