The Joint Warning Against the Country Forces, Humor Freedom (and the Child's Path)

NASHVILLE – The concert at the Ryman Auditorium in the week between Panny Annie Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley launched the "My Body Is Changed Back" by announcing "band." Lambert, who insisted more A few pages on the headlines, promptly refused. "They filled," she said to strong language.

This is the stand of opposition to supporters in this country – Annies seems to be both upgrading and living more than anyone else in life. It has been five years since the musician has released the new music – Ryman has shown that it has come to the "Gospel of Guy", since the day – and even since the music of the country has a lot of comedy and photographic problems their specialty. The importance of Annies are divided into an overview: What you focus on how to entertain their audiences, and each other, compared to shaxadooda.

When the group had been silent in 2010, remembering Dixie Chicks's recall of memories – their rejection of the apologies for radio transmissions that have angered political commentaries – still unsustainable in the image of the country. New women appear to be competing with a small percentage of points.

Even so, Annies chose the unity of your friend. They saw how difficult it was to go away: Lambert, 34, did not sing a story 1 until the 11th anniversary; Monroe, 32, was a symbol of the short-term contract; and Presley, 42, have struggled to provide publications that are considered suitable for business.

"It was very, very fast," Lambert said. "I feel like we all have a hundred miles per hour. You can not do it for a long time, you know? You need to be drunk, to go once again to marry, to divorce, to give up, whatever you do." " Others felt frustrated, as if they had revealed their secret, and then joined them as they joined the recycle bin.

The revival of Annas is produced by a letter from Lambert with a singing concept. Within minutes, Presley and Monroe responded, adding the verses, and the group in writing. A few days before they were planning to introduce a dramatic new record, Presley realized that she was pregnant with her second baby, progressing and influencing the album's development plans. But Annies did not see it as an unnecessary cruelty.

"It can not be very happy," said Lambert, "No. 1 because it is a child and wants a child and No. 2, it's a good fit for us."

When Presley was on a six-inch circle, lopard-print printed video, her wristband pushed her feet between. In the Ryman era, the three have recorded Monroe's stunning and intense nervousness in the dance steps of Appalachian and while Lambert runged the shoe.

Annies are opposed to the signs that they have gathered from their experiences – the only skill, men and women, the child and the child's way – the other way that music can see the professional achievements. In the early stages of the romantic love of loving love for one another, the "Interstate Gospels", on their journey, flock to the saliva of individuals who are salty ("Stop Drop and Roll One," "Sugar Dad ") is part of the patient's perspective on depression.

The masterpiece demonstrates a great awareness of the overall picture of marriage. "Chairperson" presents an additional surveillance feature on theft of theft. "The Best Time for Living" shows a woman dealing with the fact that she is in a stable and deep life.

Patty Loveless, who has made great strides in the country's national policy in the 1990s, has been accompanied by Annette Loretta Lynn for Women & # 39; "They said, & # 39; Yes, Loretta will talk to us," she said. "It is as close as the conversation with friends, friends and conversation."

Every year the poetry poems seem to take the sleep pattern, with Presley and Monroe wearing Lambert's animals outside of Nashville or following their journey home, where they encourage and collaborate to get the power. "I'm not confident to say some of the things," said Lambert, who has never been so confident about his work. She introduced it for example, "Milkman", a curious idea, thinking of the mother and daughter of the aggression of any open-ended Lambert singing, "If the mother would like milk, she may not be a referee. "

In a specific plan, the leadership unit is assigned to a single voice, Lambert's competition competition or Monroe and Presley's textures and reedy textures. For others, the verses refer. However, Annies share ownership ownership & # 39; their disclosure & # 39;

However, they do their job close to the knee until they are ready for their managers and signals to hear, so they believe that their relationships with their outside colleagues are what interests you. "I think we have all this precious," Monroe said, "never wants to force it."