The Kino House by Le Atelier plays a variety of ways and stops like modern art

Kino House's new design system, a life-saving project at Le Atelier in Moscow, Russia, does not justify stimulating the style of the game and its appearance.

This house, surrounded by all sides of the former Russian trees and a darker sitting, is specially designed to add a natural nature rather than interference. Designers vowed not to fall any trees, not to be too far out of the holes, and only resource resources available in the highest local area.

The general purpose of the home was to create a natural resting place and still bring about a sophisticated, cost-effective, modern design of the area, rather than the design of the standard landscaping structure of houses and rustic. This is not easy to go back to the bush; It is a modern building experience built around it.

The home is made up of three low-grade levels, which are middle-level. In the entrance hall, visitors meet a 5-meter tall road. Right on the right is "black canton". This is the inner part of all the rooms in the house; It is a picture that creates self-comfort. The entry level is also available in latrines, storage rooms and service rooms, and nursery rooms. In each room, especially in daycare, you will find expensive windows offering beautiful views of the landscape.

In the bedroom, sitting at the lower floors, the beautiful window gives the same opportunity to take around around. The bed cock pushes comfort in the room. In the middle of the dark "dark," where the stairs and upstairs, the hall and the toilet are located.

The top three, the last three, the private sector or the studio with a beautiful beauty and beautifully landscaped forest landscape above the bedroom. The kitchen is also there, while the strange looks like one of the entrance doors, since the kitchen is sitting, but above. The keyboards move to "black box", making it enormous and provide them with lots of storage space.

On the outskirts of the home, the large balcony around the bedrooms. The balcony assembly instead of the low level of sleeping speeds up the outer space on the ground to protect the atmosphere from the atmosphere with the purpose of facilitating the amount. This balcony is still available in all three sections of the house due to stairs in the inner center.

Although the house is apparently visible in the street, its beauty is known around it. People appreciate how black-and-white structure is perfect and perfect, complete and complete from firewood, lightweight and lightweight. Much of the stone and wood in the natural environment balms with a fair weight, so some parts of this new home.

Photos: Ilya Ivanov