The luxury villa at Villa Helios was created by Long Bay Beach Club to complement the turquoise views

A wonderful village, located in the heart of the Long Bay Beach Club of Turks and Caicos, a vacation home called Villa Helios has recently been renovated as the ultimate escape to heaven.

Everything in the beach house is bathed in luxury, inside and outside the home. Since the city is a place in the ancient sea, designers have chosen to showcase turquoise in color scheme in terms of art, furniture, and other decorations. This was meant to be, and may even be the focus of, playing on the wonderful blues and watercolors that spread out the doors.

Thanks to the light-filled interior design as well as the focus of the home’s focus, there is a clear visual connection between that water and those colors on a regular basis, despite the fact that the water itself is actually flowing through the room. to open the thought room.

In fact, everything in the house is going well. This is in part thanks to the open concept style of most rooms, which is more expressed visually than the actual size of close rooms. One thing that may even feel like a lot of fog, however, is the fact that the house was deliberately built to force indoor and outdoor spaces.

Most every room of the house, including naqshadeeyayaashu gave real estate to topple the glass doors and roof deck provides bright looga look up to the beach and back. These also give residents and visitors what feels like a limit to fresh air, a beautiful outdoor seating area, and even a swimming pool that allows visitors to enjoy the water and sun while being slightly hidden from the beach. shared below.

Perhaps the best part of the private pool area is that it sits on a raised platform. This will enable the vision that can not be compatible with the challenge from the point a little bit more out of the rest of the house, up the coast. The scenery is free-flowing, independent, and simply full of sunlight and turquoise water is clearly difficult to visualize.

Dhoolatooyinka I mentioned a lot of seat looga against colors medium of cream in each location, but naqshadeeyayaashu they are certain to use hadhyada image the same size to include units, rather than stuck to the color of the two types to be simplified . The colors of the integrated soundtrack in the home vary from the same water face, from green to blue to different parts, art, and details.

In terms of mobilization, the home was designed in a meaningful way. Sure, it's designed to be a holiday home that people can escape to, but that doesn't mean that designers don't want to offer any luxury a typical home in the city might have. Community and community spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and media table terrace are set up on the ground floor, while the living rooms, guest rooms, and master bathroom are available on the top floor.

This is where the best access to the outdoor port and pool is. Of course, there are wooden staircases that bring you from the bottom to the top and then head to the beach, but there are some things that can be relaxed and able to move straight from the couch to someone who is comfortable and get out. full view of the sunrise from the water. a few simple steps.

Photos were taken by Provo Pictures