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Collaboration problems are not fun, many people know about personal experience. Angular, swollen, or piercing angles can be very complex. However, it is worse, even, it's pain – and sometimes the risk of unhealthy – along with complex problems. Fortunately, you can take simple steps to help with pain and reduce your diet.

Giant Grove 101

The large belt has two parts, but the most vulnerable is the subject of methatarsophenangeal (MTP) & # 39; It connects the first metatarsal in the first bone of the first lipid (fala).

MTP coordinates every step you take, and you can push it forward and move on. But the poor MTP spontaneous stroke takes during the process, supporting half the weight of your body for as long as you press.


A normal result for the MTP connection is osteoarthritis, which affects the kidney bone at the end of the bones. It often shows that it starts in the middle of the year. If there is no jaundice, the bone gap is declining and the bones are opposed to each other. This can lead to pain and may cause a lot of pain in the osteophytes or bones of the bones.

Osteoarthritis can also lead to loss of MTP connection, which is called hallukidus.

But arthritis is always present. "Often, the toes of the toilets in the toes do not prevent symptoms, we usually see people coming into other problems, and then we see the arthritis of the x-ray," said Dr. Christopher Chiodo, head of Harvard-affiliated Brigham's head and ankle surgery.

If the MTP infection is not damaged, your doctor may advise you to avoid wearing a high-tech garage, if you wear it, and wear a tough shoe to minimize the MTP movement.

Treatment occurs if there is pain. In that case, Dr. Chiodo often defines the carbon-fiber base to the inside of the boots and the downstream movement. "Some patients are recovering in lower bands," he added.

Surgery to remove bone looga bones, arthritic cleaning Joint MTP, or fiyuusta bone is the final event. Dr. Chiodo said it might be necessary if

  • You have a daily pain that last longer than three months
  • The pain interferes with your daily activities
  • and you do not respond to unsatisfactory opportunities.


Family history and strong shoes with a narrow spider box (like the needles) may play a role in creating bro. If you have ointment, the first metatarsal bone goes outdoors, causing the spinal bone to move towards the other teeth. "Multiple thumbs in the joints of many years make it difficult for hospitals with direct thighs," said Chiodo.

If the itching does not get damaged, avoid an operation, dr. Chiodo advised. "You can put shoes in large ball boxes or roll your shoes to make the MTP room," he said. You also want to avoid tightening, which keeps the toothbrush.

If your wound is sore, the operation is intended to delay the legs so that the soap is too straight. "Sometimes we have to turn the bone and reset it, and sometimes we have to," Dr. Chiodo explains. Then, you may wear special boots or shoes to avoid weighting your feet for six weeks.

However, surgical surgery did not always happen. "The problems can come back, it's one of the most common problems, the closure of an iron belt box will increase the chances that it's happening. Chiodo warned.

What you are doing

If there is an interruption in the MTP, it interferes with your activity, contact your doctor. You may not be able to look at the operating line. Only your doctor can do this call.

Otherwise, refer to the clothing. Attach needles and taps to the bottom of the hard straps or chips & nbsp; It's a simple act that can lead to a beautiful thing: maintaining your movement and walking around the MTP.