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Since 1952, we have organized an annual panel of three experienced judges, who consider every photo book of children published in America in that year. They choose those who are successful in the arts based on the art of art. Judges at this time were Leonard Marcus, children's history and literature; Jenny Rosenoff, a librarian of a library in the New York Public Library; and Bryan Collier, the author and photographer of the many books and the prize winner.

Below is a summary of each of the pictures of the winning book, with comments from judges.

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Write and show by Yuyi Morales

Morales' skin color creates a remarkable story of this amazing story of the mother and the baby leaving Mexico in search of a new life. – B.C.

Neal Porter Books / House holidays, 32 pp., $ 18.99.

Write and photograph Anna Walker

Anna Walker is in the underground, claustrophobic cities come out of a delicate green, giving them a beautiful image of the growing hope of a young girl living in her newer cities. – J. R.

Clarion Books, 32 pp, $ 16.99

Write Pilar Lopez Avila

Showcase Mar Azabal

These beautiful girls about the girl who wants to learn to read, the letters of the paintings and the colors of the color, each of which tells the story of a particular story with a good voice. – B.C.

Cuento de Luz Buuga, 32 pp, $ 16.95.

Written by Riccardo Bozzi

It is shown by Violeta Lopiz and Valerio Vidali

Like the beauty of nature, the "Forest" is a spectacular and imaginable spectacle of even the death of the dead, the footsteps and sketches created by two artists from Italy and Spain. – L.M.

Lion Lion Books, 72 pp., $ 24.95.

Posted by Julie Fogliano

Showing Lane Smith

In this story, one of the children who left the house, Lane Smith, a photographer and photographer, called wildlife and a dozen workmans who came out of the morgue. – L.M.

Press Magazine, 48 pp., $ 18.99.

Write J. M. Brum

Jan Bajtlik photos

A little more than just a Polish artist Jan Bajtlik, who is very excited, the car parks that are not just walking around, have taken the road very well. – L.M.

Neal Porter / Circle Spreadsheet Signature, 32 pp, $ 16.99.

Written by Lynn Fulton

Posted by Felicita Sala

Filetta Difficulty breathing images and faux-environments open in a beautiful window, a short cut into the English-language Mary Shelley of wildlife and fire. – L.M.

Knopf, 40 pp, $ 17.99.

Write and show Matt James

James James has a beautiful story and a play record to encourage the traditional class of young people, giving the impressive ideas of a child's understanding of an adult world. – J. R.

Books books, 40 pp, $ 18.95.

Write and show David Covell

Running high speed and inadequate, Covell's watercolors and text handwritten will take us busy, carefully through the open areas. – J. R.

Viking, 40 pp, $ 17.99.

Write and display Antje Damm

In an interesting Antje Damm's "Visitor," a boy rushes into the dark black and white 3-D chairs, causing an explosion of color, light and life. – B.C.

Gecko Press, 32 pp, $ 17.99.