The Oceanside House of Matanzas was created by Cristian Izquierdo Lehmann of Chile

Along the dense coastal but beautiful coastline of Matanzas, Chile, the creative and design team of Christián Izquierdo Lehmann recently completed the beautiful, richly decorated look of the House of Matanzas.

The orientation of the home is the key to her happiness due to the small soft spot near the valley. The structure is really designed to face the Pacific Ocean, but the water elevation gives it a view from any direction less than light!

In terms of its design, the house is built with beautiful, spacious openings in a central location. This not only makes them feel bright and spacious, but it also sets the centerpiece of the home in the dark days when a person wants to take refuge in the outdoors and, say, bring out a good book. The large, beautiful windows ensure that natural light is not lost even on the days when a person chooses to enjoy the luxurious interior spaces.

At the same time, the designers wanted to provide residents with as much space and space as possible to enjoy the exciting atmosphere around the home on warm and humid days. This stands for interesting floors in the ocean, as well as a central doorway that can be fully opened to the outside, combining indoor and outdoor experiences thanks to street doors and series of patrols.

For the most part, the home is an elegant wood flooring that brings together a natural natural look and does not lose the feel of modern life with the best amenities. The centerpiece of the house, which houses the centerpiece, has been arranged around a circular base that promotes even more beautiful views.

In the middle of this room are four rectangular arches, consisting of rooms in the rest of the house. The social and practical sections of the home are in the center while the bedrooms and private areas include the speaker. These generally are within the walls of the mirrors and windows, with death and kept in the home to better store beautiful views and natural light.

Externally, the spaces between the four rectangles formed several series. The designers have chosen to turn this outdoor space into a vibrant & luxurious space, even while building a regular outdoor route between these areas so that the residents have no problems with it. This is similar to the wooden walkway on the top floor of the house which leads to and descends from the top floor where residents often sit to watch the sun set over the water.

One of these courtyards acts as a beautiful reception area near the entrance. Another is a beautiful pool called & # 39; patio patio & # 39; with a lower view of the water which is a little less. Finally, another terrace has a beautiful blue pool with plenty of space for sofas. The positioning and orientation of this pool offers an equally impressive view, making it an invisible place to float.

The first basic position, which is the center of that, is perhaps the most interesting detail is the wooden beams throughout the ceiling. This is partially cosmetic, but it does an effective light work as well. You see, inside each square shown on a large grid there is a small window of light that keeps the air from freezing.

Photos by Roland Halbe