The Portuguese Center for Elderly Nursing has established Nuno Piedade Alexandre to look like a lightweight and sunny

The beautiful sunny Ponte de Sor in Portugal's modern and modern modern building has recently completed the Nuno Piedade Alexandre to become a new service for Elderly Elderly Care.

At the initial request, the challenge was to create a new building that could present a new, but well-functioning and good relationship with the general building site. In particular, the purpose was to give a lot of sleeping rooms without space in a lot of space or access to the patient's system reliably.

The complete building has 10 rooms in two rooms and four private rooms, each with a fully equipped and easy toilet toiletries. Designs are designed for bedrooms and all the patient's facilities as widely as possible without lumid anywhere, because the effectiveness of the site has also risen in the list of priority.

By installing properly the premises in a reasonable manner well designed for an open space close to the main building of the building (the special part of the center is the modern expansion), designs are designed to provide a range of experience within these areas of use. This means that the person himself and what they need to be the full purpose of the room.

This is achieved through partial dematerialization. Of course, it does not mean that there is no gym! On the contrary, unfortunately and sobering of sober is the structure of all rooms. At the same time, non-existent art exhibits. This is evident even outside of the wonderful building.

You see, the Center is changed and made to look for geometry and exciting by allocating the size of the rooms to everything that is very small to the outer limits of the walls of the windows. The overall external impact is close to the arts, making it a New City Center, a type of urban signage, and thanks to its eye-catching appearance.

As part of internal minimalism, the interior rooms are automatically placed to perform most beautiful appearance beyond them as much as possible. This is the big windows and their size growth also helps. The goal here was to bring a lot of sunny, natural light in each room for when patients were unable to go out and meet outside of the day.

Such windows are really key to the designer's designs that facilitate communication between the building and its surroundings. It can be close to other buildings where patients need it, making it a working place, but also offers amazing insights about the growing plants in their garden, so that no one can relax in their beds should be harder to enjoy the nature.

Photos by João Morgado