“The project is on the horse, the staff is not dismounted,” and the risk of cleanliness is prevented!

On the afternoon of September 27th, the Public Utilities Sub-Party of the Chancheng District Urban Comprehensive Administration organized a study and implementation of the major project in the conference room on the second floor of the bureau. The special training seminar on the Guideline for Clean and Risk Prevention (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines”) and “Series Standards”.

This lecture specially invited Liu Pengjie, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Foshan Railway Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd. to participate in the preparation of “Guidelines” and “Series Standards” for special interpretation.

Liu Pengjie first explained the background of the “Guidelines” and “Series Standards”, and then from the synchronization to prevent “What to prevent”, What do you do? and What is it? A detailed analysis of the three perspectives gives the ideas and prescriptions for intensive risk prevention and control.

He believes that synchronous prevention is the project construction “annual medical examination”, must be done to synchronize major project integrity risks Preventive work.

It is understood that the “Guidelines” clarify the specific scope of application of the simultaneous prevention work, and focus on the investigation and design of bidding for the construction of clean and dangerous risks. , land acquisition and demolition, project payment, construction subcontracting, change management, quality management and delivery acceptance 8 key links and PPP projects, screening out 38 articles prevention and supervision points, Put forward 60 Articles prevention and control measures, so that each risk point should be corresponding to the development of prevention and control measures; at the same time, list 44 supervision and inspection lists, and 120 supervision and inspection projects under key supervision will be compiled into 11 supervisions. The checklist is used to enable the staff to evaluate the scale and have a basis for investigation.

After the lecture, Deputy Director Luo Huiwen made a brief summary. He believes that Liu Shuji’s lectures combine discipline inspection work with engineering, refining and summarizing the integrity risks in the development of the project, and playing a very good vigilance role for the management personnel of the majority of the project.

Finally, the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee, Comrade Liang Zhilin, gave instructions to all units and personnel to do a good job in the construction of the project to ensure that the project was launched and the personnel were not dismissed. .