The racist attack on children was recorded in 1975. I founded.

[shouting] We can call it cycling. We went to go out into the world to explore. “There may be at least six, seven, eight. Our parents said that while you were at home before the street number arrived, you were in a group, you were fine. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Neighborhood kids were planning to travel to McDonald & # 39; s just for enjoyment, something different to do. “Rosedale we thought was a safe place. We all went down. We were riding our bikes. "" And then we saw the point that a beautiful American flag was popping up in the wind. " We saw a group outside. Then we were, & # 39; Oh, this is a party party. & # 39; "The last thing I remember was someone saying, & # 39; Oh, toddler. To this day it was a trip to get black people out of Rosedale." Crowd: "White Power – White resistance . "It's summer of 1975. White residents in Rosedale, Queens, protest against black families moving to the neighborhood. [shouting] Crowd: "Equal white rights." These are images from documents produced by journalist Bill Moyers. "Do I have the right to live here?" "No." Why? "Because it's black." “This is not the South. This was not Greenville, Miss., Or Spartanburg, S.C., or Atlanta, Ga. This was right in the heart of the largest city in the country. The documentary was discovered nearly 45 years after a graduate student posted online a short video. It has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook. Su & ​​# 39; apparently people are still asking each other, where the children are now? “Hey, Rob, this is Whitney Hurst from the New York Times. My name is Whitney Hurst. I am a reporter. ”To answer that question, we have called over 90 people living in Rosedale at the time. I'm trying to find anyone who knows anyone. We can't find any white settlers who said they were there. "It came out a little bit because it's crazy." But we talked to a few of the black kids. We wanted to hear what happened that day so that we could understand why their experiences are coming back decades later. We went down to see what was going on. Probably in the middle, that's when we realized it was something else, and it was something we were really invited to. “We knew they were coming to us. I was, & # 39; Wow. & # 39; You know, like, & # 39; Why are they coming to you, & # 39; assuming nothing bad. Then we heard the nigger. ” [crowd shouting racial slurs] "Yes, nigger!" "They were surrounded by my best friend at the time, Lorena – one of the young men knocked them out and they started calling us names. They started throwing stones." Hearing the word, when he heard it spoken to me – why call me that? That's not me. & # 39; You know, I am always told that it is not. I didn't understand I was like, & # 39; Who do you think I can't come here? & # 39; Like, how do you? What happened to you? "" What happened to you? "This boy, threw the stone in. He tried to hit my sister, but he almost hit me. It was a long way from that. And I'm sure he would like to hit me with that rock. I pick up a stone in front of him and hit him in the face with his dead body.I just wondered how people would behave like that, and tell you the truth. But that was really the first time I became. , & # 39; Wow, people don't like black people. & # 39; "" They always do that. They always spit on us just like dogs do. Always – "" Throw them back. "" It doesn't change anything. " I was immediately reminded of these programs that my parents would watch me with dogs and thieves, and people trying to vote and be killed. It's just that, it goes back to my history in this country. It immediately connected me to that whole experience because I felt it. Will you forgive them? “No. No. No we cannot recover any damage. “I didn't know what to do with those feelings. I didn't know what to do with those feelings. ”For Motors, the following video shows how the images can. "He tried to beat my sister, but -" because I was in their neighborhood. "I mean, I believe television was a great teacher. This country didn't really respond to what was going on in the South, although it was well known, until the sheriff in Birmingham turned the water pipe and the dogs into making these young people out there. I knew that. We heard that. We knew about it, but we didn't see it. We cannot escape it as soon as we see it. "" When we recorded from Rosedale, a black group from South Jamaica came to the neighborhood expressing support. . "Whenever a black group comes together, they want to help Rosedale with their problems. We don't need outsiders to help us with our problems, and we will remain white, period." Crowd: "Right." Well, guys. ya, the following scene is complicated, right? Here's what I told you yesterday. I started the school year 2004-2005 as a sociology option, and my supervisor at the time told me, & # 39; Bring something closer to your home that you can relate to today. & # 39; I grew up in Rosedale. ""… And I think I'm right – "" And I said, & # 39; I want to make a part of America's # 39; and in the Rosedale video, we have been showing them 15 years now, giving kids and saying, "What do you think?" & # 39; "" I've never seen racist pictures on camera. That was full racism and bullying. Crowd: “Equal rights for whites. Equal rights to white people. “I'm glad to see it because it needs to be seen. I feel like everyone should see this. “I think it's coming back to us because of the fact that we're going back to this kind of thing. “Racism is still alive. It still poisons the other brain. "" That was how it was at that time. Let's not repeat it again. " This generation is & # 39; & # 39; Generation. & # 39; They can see you within 10 seconds, make contact. "We cannot recover any injuries." Children will never forget that. They cannot reveal it, and it will remain forever on them. "Rosedale, it's dark now, so we're not welcome there now. That day, the American flag was the image, the symbol that put us in that situation. We live in the United States. The American flag means good things. It means we can go where we want to go. We can ride our bikes on any road in America. But it really represented a signal that you should not enter. So they took that beautiful picture and it turned ugly to me, and I want the flag. ”