The Republicans have a Humming Fee, but Trump Rhetoric Muddies is Message

In normal political times, clear public statements on the national budget before the election day, it is a gift for the party's power and uniforms for the candidates. But at the end of the week before the tailor-made polls, the Trump President's message of intimidation scandal became a major topic in the last days of the campaign, threatening to slow down the good news economy.

This is a borders border of the Republic. They were in the last few months of 2017 working on tax collection packages and they hope they can be the center of the 2018 campaign campaign, which has been slowing down in the market and rising unemployment levels. And they got what they wanted, with over $ 1.5 trillion tax bill.

A new report released Friday reported that the strength of the economy was continuing, because employers joined 250,000 jobs in October while the unemployment rate was still 3.7 percent, almost 50 years ago low.

But Mr. Trump, again, raised cultural heritage books. Candidates are often forced to answer their tweet and reactions. As well as the political outreach of the day-to-day election campaign, the president struck down with tight water, using a large brush for biker gangs such as chaotic and dangerous.

"They say all," say the economy, talk about the economy, "Mr. Trump said Friday, during a West Virginia rally. "Well, we have the biggest economy in the history of our country, but sometimes it's not fun to talk about the economy."

On track tracking, the Republican candidate has received a variety of messages from Mr. Trump for national message; Many, who recognize their political power at the conservative base, continue to continue.

Democrats have "open borders," Kris Kobach, the strongest candidate in the Republic of Kansas, told many people in Kansas City, Mo, during a demonstration on Friday with Mike Pence Vice President. Earlier on that day, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas began a rough conversation about the economy, but quickly changed another topic for the trumpet to be sure of Mr. Trump's warning about the "martyrdom".

"Do you think Texas people want to stop the journey?" Mr. Said said Cruz, a competitor, who watched closely against Beto O & Rourke, the Democratic Party of the Year. People responded to the "wall of the building."

Nonetheless, the other States, are going to avoid the presidential language and focus on the first-income economy.

Winterset, Iowa, David Young's representative, the Republic of South Africa's most competitive position, has the largest voter registration address on the economy and the creation of the Republic of work.

"Now we see a real economy in the country," he said. "I live here in Iowa's rural areas, and inefficient things in our economy are wonderful, and I want to get the federal government out of business, small businesses, big businesses can hire more and we can save the economy increasing today. "

Last week, the election campaign, two of the Republicans in Illinois tied to tough competition in Chicago, lowering the issue of travel. Randy Hultgren, a 14-member parliamentarian, did not tell Mr. Trump travel on the White House on Thursday during a day in a wooden factory.

Peter Roskam, Jamhuri, who faces a tough challenge, told McClatchy that the safeguarding of immigration is not necessary in the district.

That message "One of the crosswords in this district," said Roskam. "The municipality listened to the type and type of decline."

The top assistant of Paul D. Ryan, the Accident Spokesperson, also asked the Republics to submit information on the job. "Do you want all day and holidays with a strong economy, correct?" Assistant, Brendan Buck, tweeted.

Some Democrats are actually trying to broker a tax against the opponents, including Danny O Connor, a Democrat from the Democratic Party of the Republic of Tro Balderson, Ohio. This election is a special election in August – turns out again on Tuesday general elections – Mr O & Connor and his supporters paid a lot of money to tax evasion before Mr Balderson and his supporters.

Traditional cultural traditions and traditional leaders say the dangerous strategy of Mr. Trump can be at a higher risk compared to the award winning candidates in the last days of the campaign. They are warning that delays are possible for minor voters and college academies, two groups that may be particularly important in church churches.

Polling suggests that other japanese traditional leaders who violated Mr. Trump in the last days of the 2016 elections can go back to the Democrats at this time. However, the Prime Minister said that while Mr. The trump has been screaming at his salon, and encourages other former voters on Tuesday's Tuesday's vote.

"The problem is the Republican has a good story about the economy," said Mike Murphy, former adviser to Jeb Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney. "But the main Republic with a microphone and just wants to follow the documents about immigration."

Mr. Trump, he said, "manages to win any of the voters in the country."

This may be particularly dangerous for a competitive assembly of the House of Representatives. The Republicans can defend many seats in different regions, where the top-level president of the country can be a barrier.

Mr. Trump acknowledges that Friday announced that the Republicans will lose their home, saying, "It may happen."

Both parties were skeptical of the disappointment of different competitions in the Senate race. But Missouri, who has one of the most popular nationalities, said the president of both parties said Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, won the Republican Jamrura Party contest, Josh Hawley, the Attorney General in the country.

Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, said he did not think Mr. Trump sent a message to hurt, even if it did not match the financial debate of the Republican Republican candidate.

"As far as the economic issues we are talking about, we do not have to counteract the fundamental position that describes our state, and I do not think it is trustworthy". Kaufmann said. "We are close to his presence and his strength in our midfields is more important than what he says."

However, some Republicans have faced criticism even on members of their party to provide a closed discussion.

Honorable Jeff Flake of Arizona, Jamhuur, who retired at the end of his term, called his voice from his office "unusual." Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania, who also retired, said Mr. Trump, who has more information about the party's biggest difference.

"We all know the challenges facing the Republic," tweeted. "Now POTUS, a place where it does not survive, creates citizenship, except that it is a fundamental principle of the United States, it is a political act."

But some Republicans – and electorate supporters – said Mr. Trump clearly defines what they believe.

"The amount of extremism is going to be a step," said Kevin Yoder, the Kansas Republic's face-to-face rebuilding campaign in a residential neighborhood, which also appeared in the demonstrations. Pence. "They are in March. Xagashadan extremists based on the description."

Bill Ranelle 75-year-old said weighing one to 10, he expressed concerns about immigration in the eighth, and he gave voice to some of the characteristics of migrants.

"My parents came to the Ellis Island and their purpose was to live in American dream and become part of the American culture," he said. "I do not see the illegal people who want to do so."