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More than 750 years, Stockholm is a very interesting place in Europe. It is a restaurant filled with dishes, there are beautiful gardens that explore, the city has a wonderful and beautiful visual experience.

It's easy to spend the entire week exploring the city's western city with more than 90 detailed telephones. I have just dropped my nine videos and presented some of the best visual arts.

Here is my guide to Stockholm's railway train guide!

T-Centralen center


Stockholm Railway Station is a world-class museum. The more than 110 kilometers of attempts, 90 out of 100 stations are decorated with many artists.

They all started in the 1950s when the city went to 'artistic' to make it a different one to find its citizens in cosmetics. Since then, more than 150 Swedish paintings have been distributed in some parts of Stockholm.

Stadion station

Tips for visiting the Subway Museum in Stockholm

Tickets: If you want to use your time in Stockholm, you will receive a SL Access card (20kg / $ 2) and promotes a limited travel time of 75 minutes, 24 hours or 72 hours.

CONTACT GUIDE: If you just go to the train to take pictures, you can become a strategy, and get a minute ticket for only 75 minutes to 44/5 $. It is suitable for a limited travel to all public transport, so you can turn lines and find them at each station.

The Best Time to Go: The best time to go to a fast-track trip to Stockholm is during the week 12. You will miss the arctic clock and you will have time to get a picture that is not around. If you are busy the day, you can also try the evening. The station is open until 12:30 hours every day.

Photo: It's easy to paint artwork in Stockholm with a camera or smartphone. But if you want to get the best results, we recommend getting a voucher because you will need to use a slow speed (no natural light!). See the photography tool here!

Mörby Centrum

Stockholm Visual Railway View

T-Centralen: When it opened in 1957, T-Centralen became the first station in Stockholm to show the art. Designing local art, Per Olof Ultvedt, has a beautiful blue-eyed appearance on the walls and gives consideration to train staff from the train crew.

Stadion: It is located near the festivals of Stockholm, the Stadion is decorated with dark and colorful sunlight. It became the first of the centers & cave & # 39; in the city and cut off directly from the prison.

Hogskolan Technique: Created by Lennart Mork, the base was inspired by the Royal Institute of Technology. It has a dark, gentle, sensual, sensational science like the great glass of science.

Universitetet Center: Universitet University is the last train route for travelers. His main feature is a detailed description of the trips made by Carl Linnaeus. Popular renown called & # 39; father; known as & # 39; modern cyrus & # 39; in the organisms.

Thorildsplan Station: Have you ever wanted to become a Super Mario Nintendo? Thorildsplan Station Headquarters. Local artist Lars Arrhenius used a screen to create a 8-dimensional art. Try blinded Invaders Space, Pacman and more!

Hallonbergen Station

Solna Centrum: (Blue mist) It was built in 1975, the Solna Centrum complex is located in the sunny sunny sunside behind the green green bush. It consists of hundreds of non-profit mechanisms that show political issues such as radicalization, global heat, and urbanization.

Hallonbergen: The Hallonbergen Station is one of the most important trains in Stockholm. Local artists Elis Eriksson and Gosta Wallmark decorate the railway tracks from childhood. There is also a flow of rainfall – which makes one of the most popular points in the city!

Radhuset: It is located below the City Court of Appeal, the artwork wanted Radhuset to look like ground bins. You will find details such as the middle of the middle market, the oven sheds and the roofs of the ceiling. There are so many interesting things to see, so give them a short time to find out some hidden items before leaving the station.

Mörby Centrum: As you walk to the Mörby Centrum, you will find many ways to appear. Although the base does not appear as spectacular as the first sight, it is unusual. The head of the center, and the walls, are colorful, drawing pictures of the soft sunshine (with candles filled with candy).

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Solna Centrum Station


If you spend a day, a week or a month in the city – you will need to visit the Swedish railway station. It is an unusual way to explore the city and one of the best things you can do while you are in Sweden!

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Do you have tips on visiting the Stockholm Art Museum? Please let me know the comments below!