The struggle to find LGBTQ-Friendly Hotels & Residence

We walked from the train station to our hotel – an easy walk through the old town. I am the type of traveler who can fit in a good hotel but I still walk everywhere or take public transportation to walk.

The hotel was self-explanatory with a decorative hotel, but as soon as we walked to the entrance, we were a little surprised. Great cross Christians were outside, and stood up to 10 feet tall in the hotel.

This was in Poland, so that was generally not out of the ordinary, but in my mind, I immediately thought: ok, we're going here. I wasn't really worried, but I thought I should think a little bit more than usual. My friend and I booked a room with a one-size-fits-all bed to make sure we booked, because, well, we wanted to sleep together.

The entrance to the hotel was great. We were given our keys,
It was shown where breakfast was, and then we walked down the stairs to our room. It was a
a small hotel, probably no more than 20 rooms. And as soon as I got into it
In the bedroom, that feeling of hopelessness and despair subsided. We were given a room
with two beds.

INNSIDE - Manchester Hotel

My friend looked at me. This is not what we promised.
We didn't travel much time to this place, but when we left, we would never be
was having trouble writing books at our hotel.

The "two-bed or one" question is one that LGBTQ travelers have been discussing for decades. Years ago, two men or two women entering a hotel might secretly push her to her bed or grow up in a small place.

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Of course that's what we could have done, but I was really angry. My friend and I were together in the room and had a full 5 minute chat about the situation.

Not a big deal. It's just two nights, ”he said
said. "But if you want, we can ask."

Then it became a conversation about whether we should go down and talk straight to them. Or do we call the reception and inquire about the combination? We discussed whether we felt comfortable enough to challenge her. In my mind, the big cross on the outside puts pressure on my & # 39; s self.

I will be the first to admit that we can be a little bit of sleep when traveling. I believe in people, good or bad. I use my instincts, of course, but after nearly a decade of full-time travel, my experiences abroad have been pretty good.

Even in this situation where we are at our hotel in Poland, I did not know it was a secret against homosexuality, or that it was just in the midst of booking. It is impossible to know, of course.

When I finally called the reception to explain that
we requested one bed, we were told we were given the last room
and there was none. There was no apology, but no direct neighborly wrongdoing
sound reception, none of them. And as my friend said, it was just that
two nights.

In fact, it's not the end of the world for us. But here's the thing: these brief moments of anxiety and anxiety, and the awkward conversation I had to bring to the table, caused us to take a break on Sunday. And it's something that many LGBTQ travelers have to deal with – and at different levels.

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Nowadays, finding LGBTQ-friendly accommodation is often a gamble because most of the largest tourist destinations today on the continent are at least aware of LGBTQ travelers and try to get as close to strangers as possible.

Often, as a foreigner, you also get more flexibility and more rights than the environment. (Note: that's not always the case and some destinations like Dubai are still suing LGBTQ tourists according to local law. Check out places like and Travel advisory to the US Department of State The idea of ​​the earth to be safe.)

Most large hotel groups have international destinations for their guests. And they offer LGBTQ-inclusction training. Marriott, Hilton, Accor, InterContinental, Starwood. Larger species will always be the safe choices.

Unfortunately they are not always the most exciting hotels because they sometimes miss the local flavors of home design. Design Hotels, HotelTonight, and TAG-approved properties include many independent homes, but unfortunately do not offer options in any city or country. That is why in remote locations, fastening the chains of large hotels is as safe and comfortable.

LGBTQ passengers do not need much going on from hotels, but what we want is not that hard to come by. Entry must be flawless (and our requests will not be asked). We have to feel welcome in the hotel just like everyone else. This can be done at any hotel booking process.

A hotel can add and must include an LGBTQ image section of their website and marketing. They should feel comfortable advertising and promoting LGBTQ special offers throughout the year (not just during pride season). Hotel hotels should be wary of LGBTQ tourist attractions, or at least provide useful LGBTQ resources and local maps whenever possible. Hotels that offer romantic packages should not think that guests are looking for his / her brand services.

Sofitel So Bangkok

How to find a friendly LGBTQ hotel while traveling

The rich travelers are assumed to have and spend a lot of money
travel (especially accommodation) compared to other travelers, but not all of us
The same. Every trip we take is a little different as we give priority to time
and my budget.

If I am visiting a gay or lesbian venue, I choose where I am based on location. If I’m looking to explore gay bars and nightlife in a new city, I’ll choose to stay in gayborhood. That's why my first step is to find a hotel-friendly hotel step (1) Looking for Google to find the best place to stay on that particular trip – whether that's hipster, gay, or something that fits my journey.

Step (2): I will be looking for hotels, Airbnbs, or homeowners in the same area – I usually use search maps available on booking tools such as Visit, HotelsCombined, Expedia, Housesitters, or

Part of that task and step (3) Google should also look for any gay hotel that might appear in search results. I found my own hotel for homosexuals from around the world, from a gay hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, to a gay hotel in Sevilla, to a boutique hotel in Berlin, voluntary in Puerto Rico….

If any of the gay houses seems particularly appealing, Step (4) should check the prices and photos recently posted on their website. And bonus: You will often get the best prices when you apply for a home directly.

the gay journey

Before booking, however, Step (5) the reviews and ratings of all the booking sites must be checked out (whether by Google Map review or hotel booking machines). The truth is, I do not have to live in a well-maintained gay home compared to any other hotel. I want to support LGBTQ-owned businesses, but with limited time and days on my holidays, I also want to make sure that my hotel will be at the top.

After booking, you are on your own and you will not know
as the hotel will be until you get there. But taking the beginners
The pre-booking steps can help ensure you are more friendly and open
shelter. It can take a lot of time during your travel planning phase,
but in the end you will have good experiences.

That week in Poland ended with a lot of fun. We drank lots of beer, ate lots of beers, and had a great time at the art festival we were visiting. We may not have a great bed to share, but we & # 39; ve decided not to let the experience hurt our weekend beyond anything else.

It was a learning experience for us, however. Sometimes when you want a romantic weekend, now you have to go deeper when examining where you can stay. If you do not spend your time researching travel research, there is much you can do.

Unfortunately for gay travelers, we currently offer a bit more to ensure that the needs and interests are not covered when couples share.

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