The Trump National Project is the Point of Breaking for Some Earth Voters, Risking G.O.P. Coalition

HOUSTON – Two years ago, the presidential election has made a major contribution to the work of the working class outside the Democrats.

Election of the House of Representatives on Tuesday may be the opposite of the same power: It is a delicate holiday with the Republican Party who is one of the learners, gay and lesbian – especially women – who like politics business pro-business but revisiting the split-language division of the trumpet and gender trump president.

Mr. Trump looks like he has all, but he writes in the last days of the campaign, with a warning message on how to criticize the birth and the "amputations" of migrants from Mexico that voters seem to be worried. with

Districts of the Republic of Tajikistan including different people or cities of abut – from Sunbelt conservatism such as Houston and Orange County, Calif., To bedrooms outside Philadelphia and Minneapolis – the party is at risk of disappear most often for the next week because of Mr. Trump of racial discrimination has been avoided by voters whenever they have chosen a trusted environment.

One of the poorest voters is J. Mark Metts, 60, of one of the most expensive companies in the city. Mr. Metts has never been able to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate until 2016. Now he and some of his neighbor on the Oakley Oaks of Oaks in Houston reiterate that the Republican registrar is registering Trump's rejection.

"According to the Congress, this does not really stop Trump, this election will be the referendum," Mr. Metts said, explaining why he would not support the re-election of John Culberson, the eight governors of the Republic.

Mr. Coleman is now close to the Democratic Democratic Party, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, according to a New York Times / Siena College last week – a great improvement in the municipality that I chose to vote for since George H.W. Bush won in 1966, and one that shows how hard the Mr. Trump has set his party to continue to monitor the Assembly.

The president continued his fear Wednesday night online video which has been widely condemned by racial, which shows that a Mexican man who was found killed by two of his predecessors in California said, "Democrats bring it to the country."

The traditional elders warned that the culture of Mr. Trump will continue to pursue his party's electoral application, which is using a rural community center in the area of ​​migrants such as Missouri, North Dakota and Montana, which is under the control of the Guurti's Predictable Expenditures of the Republics & # 39 A majority of the House and the House of Commons.

"Transatlantic may play well in some parts of the country, but it can not play anywhere, "said Texas Council spokesperson, Joe Straus, who was looking to stay away from his office too long. Bring up a party when the way you are going to be encouraged to stand. "

To see the Implementation Federations such as Mr. Pete Session or Pete Session representatives, which is located in a large part of the Dallas district, depends on the rebuilding of strong elections "it would be unforgettable few years ago," Mr. Said said.

Referee over G.O.P. should be abducted by the military academy after Mr. In 2016, Trump will be able to win a future election for the future elections, one that will surely return to the elections in 2020. This represents the glass of opposition in 1964 when Barry Goldwater lost the presidential race, laid the traditional traditions of economic activity in economically financially and financially – the success of the Republican victory of expanding voting in the coming years.

As Goldwater started the opening ceremony of their democracy, it is easy to see the appearance of the greatest change in the Day of Election: The white college educators, who were fair and fair supporters. Impact of Mr. Trump, along with these voters, is unacceptable: supported by Mitt Romney, former President Barack Obama, six points in 2012, before coming up with 7 points from Hillary Clinton.

The white college students now say they prefer Democrats to control the Congress 18 points, according to the Marist College and NPR survey.

In the Middle Ages, the Republican coalition has long been linked to a complete declaration of independence based on issues such as the arms control and abortions to support G.O.P. economic policies. The national message of Mr. Trump is not everything to continue with voters.

Gene DiGirolamo, a national legislator at Bucks County, outside of Philadelphia, where the Republicans are struggling to hold a seat at the House of Representatives and bring them back to the Democratic Republic of state.

His environment, Mr. DiGirolamo said, support for Mr. Trumpets' freelancers have been lost in the first instance. "

Maybe Mr. Trump 's continuous use of the use of the language of the language is one of the elements of the Pennsylvania state, where the Republicans are already seeking to come to damage some of the new districts that have been posted before before a man armed with a passenger 11 passengers at the Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday.

She met Philadelphia on Monday night, Scott Wallace, a Democratic candidate in the top state competition, criticized Mr Trump for "gratitude" and repeatedly repeatedly cited his citizenship and national identity. Former MP Patrick Murphy, former lawmaker of the party, cautioned that "people who hate hate to act so."

The neighborhoods of Philadelphia use it to be reliable tecniques of the Republic. But Shelley Howland, a Republican who attended a ceremony in Wallace, said Mr Trump is a low point.

Mr Howland has chosen Hillary Clinton two years ago. Trump, but he was constantly Republic election, he supported Mr. Wallace opponents, Brian Fitzpatrick's agent, who is now looking for a second time. She said she will not be backing Mr Fitzpatrick again.

"This year, it will be direct to the Democratic ticket," said Mike Howland, 65, emphasizing "All the movements, totally Steve Bannon's White House, Trump at the White House."

Mr. Wallace, an investor for his grandfather, presented his campaign on Bucks County's opportunity to clarify a president who was in the Pandora Box's box of social danger.

"The President's guidelines are totally disturbing the relationship between different religions and ethnicities and different aspects of sex," he said. Wallace.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, whose campaign did not respond to e-mail and telephone calls looking for comments, was looking for deportation. Trump calls her name a "legislator" for the independence of the campaign. Other states in the Bucks region, supported by the trade unions and policies approved by the armed forces that break the national agenda.

But former Phil Phil, the Republic of Pennsylvania, said his party is now fully aware of what is a political deadly dying. The spokesperson said his party would face a large setback on the border, embarking on the traditional constitutional drama of the Republic, such as the Philadelphia Main Line.

"Southeastern Pennsylvania has made clear that the transition has become one of the fundamental bases of the state of Pennsylvania in the state, and an important part of the support of the Republican support, is a big challenge," said the spokesman In English, he noted that the traditional cultural parts of the country demanded that voters critique.

The Walmart Culbers, even the big cafes, provide train services, Mr Trump is as flexible as when he was soft on the 2016 seat.

"I'm staying focused and John Culberson who I am," Mr. Culberson said in an interview that Mr. Trump was the property or responsibility here, repeating the same variation in several ways.

But the lawmaker acknowledged that this year is "unusual" because he said "no money for money" for Ms. Fletcher, who has grown almost twice as much.

Ms. Fletcher, a lawyer who grew up in the Episcopal church, George George. Bush, said the voters were welcomed here by G.O.P. that the former president demonstrates an example.

"They were civilians and saw the good government and neutrality and I think they do not see it now," she said, looking at Mr. Sullivan not standing for Mr. Trump.

Like any Texas competition, the previous competition was attracted by Beto O & Rourke's Senator Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz, his nationality, is critical of criticizing Mr. Trump has arrived in Houston last month, continuing with Mr Culberson, with moderate votes in Harris County, taking over the president. (The conference was largely absent from Trump competition.)

However, the biggest problem of the Texas Republican, which is likely to leave the Senate this year, is its long-term fear of Hispanics, which strengthens the referee's democratization, proving that they are not worried about their hopes hold the closest even the confidence of the voters who are getting newer political home.

"The explosion unit is a white woman with a university degree," said Paul Begala, the commander of democracy. "It does not seem like voters in many democratic Democrats – they are steadfast and always vote."

It is almost equally feasible, the possibility that Texas Republicans can see the loose iron in the state because of the political integration of the state's public facilities. That was the first time Texas Democrats saw the top of them.

"The first years of democratization have shown signs of a breakthrough in the Democratic Republic of Congo ten years ago," he said. Straus, who helped his family set up a modern San Antonio party. He was not worried about telling the cause of the job.

Mr. Trump, he said, "has changed the Jamhuri Party in ways that can not minimize the tradition of the cultures and the independence that I always rely on."