The two sides of the design, with Sophie Elborne and Sophie Coller of Kitesgrove

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Welcome to another part of the House of Fame and today we are lucky to join the two Sophies of Kitesgrove!

Sophie is Elborne Creative Director Sophie Coller is Director General is here to tell their companies and how they manage their credit, they are employed by the team.

We talk about the design of the company's design and methods for different projects. We also find some of the barriers they encountered now and their work. One of the key points in the dialogue is the focus and design that Kitesgrove pays for their customers' needs, which prefer to work more specifically for this device and the process of operation.

We will also cover some of our guest areas to encourage and inspect dreams before embarking on the conventional water cycle of the fire.

For all this and more, be sure to try to hear what they are to say!

Key Points:

  • How to work together both Sofia and bogaadiyaan other forces.
  • Kitesgrove's behavioral patterns and the way they are new to them.
  • Challenges and problem solving and how this encourages our guests.
  • The difference between local project management and development.
  • Provide interior design in the customer's needs and taste.
  • Some of the interesting new exciting Kitesgrove involvement involves.
  • Your guests get the best ideas.
  • Dreams of future dreams of the two sophia.
  • The biggest barrier to the current company.
  • Some Kitesgrove lessons learned from their group.
  • Things to do in the near future of Kitesgrove.
  • Water Cycle Crossroads hosted by guests!
  • And much!


"It's about understanding how a real person moves to a vacuum and who really goes to live and use." – @kitesgrove_news [0:07:04.7]

"It does not always have to be offered to customers to recognize that the position is really good for them." – @kitesgrove_news [0:09:05.7]

"Finally you want to walk in a space where you feel feeling helpless and you want to feel sensitive." – @kitesgrove_news [0:16:15.3]

"Very good ideas come from me, I must tell you, it's usually the club." – @kitesgrove_news [0:33:38.5]

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