The Upper House of the House, a beautiful home called Wahana Architects, defines summer trips

Jakarta, Indonesia, the Upper House recently completed by Wahana Architects to provide real-world and modern home-based solutions. The campus in the southern Jakarta, the upper floors is located on a 560 square meter square in a beautiful building in the city. Because the house is in a very busy and confidential space, one of the major obstacles in the designs was to create an environmentally friendly environment with an inaccurate reality in reality from the building.

To do this, the groups asked the customers what they wanted to see. It was decided to create a beautiful atmosphere and a beautiful and beautiful modern terrain. Now that it is completed, the garden surrounding the upper house is short, full exercise of the plant life that makes it look like holiday holidays.

In addition to the greens, customers have been building a positive social environment that friends and family will want to spend time on. This is actually one of the things the house has got its name! Instead of installing all the private rooms out of the public sector and community settings, designers have introduced the system's habitat and lay in the bedroom and recreation areas.

In this case, busy households in their home may be able to enter their habitat as soon as they arrive home on a very long day. However, when hosting the host, however, a type of home trip (thanks to the bedroom and the rooms of the hotel, it is small and does not fall in any particular location) happens on the last streets, places living and eating food, eating, and other routine activities.

One of the best home places is really close to the door, an inviting invitation with a quiet atmosphere. This is an indoor pool and a paving pool near the open staircase leading to the top floor of the group. All around the doorstep and stairs, you will find a complete complement of nature that created the fact that the restored cisterns are enjoyable throughout the entire house.

The purpose of using this flow is so much. It creates the appearance, and then creates a natural color scheme, creates a coherent external environment, and allows people in design to restore money back to the local economy because of all the restored drugs used was found in the area.

Because of the high floor is made up of only In the community, architects are able to build a structure that is very open to the idea without hesitation or in the room where families would like to retain their preferences instead of simply accessible to guests. On its borders, the high floor is surrounded by glasses and glass panels, a combination of natural light sources and creates a feeling of openness while also providing confidentiality outside.

Similar wood sticks set of these are covered under the bottom, as this has been used as observers outside bedrooms to create roads. These burns allow natural ice to appear in the lower part of the house even allowing the sound of the sound of the image of the sleeper. Climate factors set out the sensitivity of those in private areas and can eliminate the speed and neglect of the day.

The emotional excitement of indoor and outdoor settings is the whole of the home, in the bedroom of the children below each of the porch of the wooden structure. These flats are full of available seedlings to grow on the high level, where they provide a beautiful bottom through glass walls. In the yellow room, on the other side of the house, has its own space, this has its own image, as well as a wonderful farm. The overall impact is very good.

The pavilions and the bars where it is really makes the difference between building a city center and building the same bicycle bicycle in central areas. These areas and the way to the semi-closed flats of the Upstairs House are key to discover how beautiful scenery.

Photos by Fernando Gomulya