The West District “Arts and Recreation Rehabilitation Training Base for Disabled Persons” was unveiled

On April 20th, the “Western District Disabled Art Recreation and Rehabilitation Training Base” was unveiled at the Comprehensive Service Center for Persons with Disabilities, which means that the rehabilitation work of disabled people in Chengxi District has entered a new stage. The establishment of the “Arts and Recreation Rehabilitation Training Base for Disabled Persons” pioneered the rehabilitation service mode in the province’s Disabled Persons’ Federation and created a new field of rehabilitation. The staff of the township (office) Disabled Persons’ Federation and more than 70 disabled friends attended the ceremony.

West District

Western District

Western District

The West Coast Disabled Persons’ Federation combined the situation of the district to strive to improve the public cultural service system for the disabled and to innovate Rehabilitation methods, various forms of projects to enhance the rehabilitation effect, while ensuring the accurate rehabilitation of disabled people, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the disabled, and effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the disabled people in the West District.

Creating the “Arts and Recreation Rehabilitation Training Base for Disabled Persons” is to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, accelerate the progress of the disabled in the Western District, and enable disabled friends to enjoy accurate rehabilitation services and promote disabled people. The rehabilitation industry will continue to develop in an all-round way, and it will better meet the special, diversified and multi-level rehabilitation needs of disabled people. Through the individualized rehabilitation courses such as dance, instrumental music, vocal music, square dance, etc., popularize healthy life, optimize health services, improve health protection, and strive to guarantee the basic public services for the disabled in a comprehensive and full-cycle manner, and create equal, participation, sharing and integration of disabled people. “To help the disabled and help the disabled, a good social environment, inject more happiness into the lives of disabled people.”

The director of the West Coast Disabled Persons’ Federation said that it is necessary to ensure that the disabled have “basic rehabilitation services for all”, to help everyone enhance their social participation ability, promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of the rehabilitation of disabled people, and take the new development concept as the command. Great, plan and coordinate the promotion of a well-off society for the disabled. (Editor Zhu Jing)