The wine is stylish and soft, and the German and American are silent!

The wine is stylish and soft, and the German and American are silent!

Water beauty is gentle and transparent, but the rain is beautiful but the flowers are beautiful, but the beauty is beautiful, but the beauty is soft and ethereal, but the wine is beautiful and soft!

The Chairman proposed that “Faian Tianxia, ​​Derun People’s Heart” is the practice of the Chinese dream to use the sword of the rule of law, to go to the world of fairness and justice, to use morality of the rule of virtue to protect the moral heart of the people. . Guomai Derun Wine Industry is in line with this spirit, and promotes the culture of “drinking” fashion drinking in the new era with virtue.

For wine, “Run” is a fashionable and beautiful wine and taste, harmonious and full, mellow and round, for people, Run is a wonderful quality, representing all things and beauty, Self-interested spirit.

The national liquor master Zeng Zuxun gave a very high evaluation of Guozhen Derun wine, especially for its soft and fashionable taste. “The yellowish transparent, the sauce is elegant, the mellow and round, the soft harmony The aftertaste is refreshing, the empty cup is beautiful, the palatability is good, and the sauce is typical.”

The wine is moist and self-reliant because of its quality

“Book of Rites · University” also “Fu Run House, De Run body.”

The word Derun contains the essence of Chinese traditional culture, which means adhering to the essence of morality and adapting to nature, and cultivating a peaceful atmosphere to make the world smooth and smooth. This not only embodies the morality of Chinese culture, but also reflects the great wisdom of the nation.

The national health of pure grain health De Run advocates a new style of drinking, using “Hed’s health”. The health and regularity of good wine and drink are good for the body and self-interest; the right amount of drink on the wine table and the responsibility of civilization to family and friends are altruistic.

Derun wine belongs to the sauce-flavored wine, which is the match between the sauce wine culture and the Derun culture. Derun insists on the pursuit of high quality as the core morality, which can be recognized by the market and consumers. The cultural identity of the moisturizing heart.

The wine is like water, and it is impermanent. It can be smashed by waves, and the stone can be worn by the water. It can also be rained in the spring and moisturizes everything. The “run” of the drinkers is not in the fierce competition, but in the mutual friendship that does not quench the thirst.

People are motivated by their own virtues, and they help the world

Run as if there is a kind of power, can’t see, can’t touch, no trace, but It can inspire people to advance, inspire people, bring warmth and help, and give people goodwill and pleasure, such as the spring rain and the subtle influence.

Wine is stylish and soft, and the German and American are silent!

The famous phrase “Flooting in the night with the wind, quiet and silent” represents the artistic conception. The spring rain lightly slid down in the spring night with the spring breeze, quietly nourishes the earth, even if the flowers are gone, the fragrance is scattered, and it must be grounded and moistened with vegetation, so that the people bring it all. fragrance.

This kind of intangible and selfless dedication is a kind of cultivation of Mingde and literary things. It is subtle and subtle, and people are good and quietly get people to benefit. This is the great good embodied in the culture of culture!

Yan Zhixu, a writer of the Northern Qi Dynasty during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, is a scholar who has a comprehensive book and a family. He wrote in the “Yan Family Training” that when people are young, their thoughts and personality habits are still There is no stereotype, objective goodness and badness, and the heart of the young boy, the voices, smiles, and actions of friends and family, although unintentional, will also become more and more similar.

There is also the meaning of the culture of the body culture is better than the words of teaching and self-cultivation. If you are with the wicked, it is like entering a shop selling fish. Good people together, like orchids that are nurtured by the flower house, naturally fragrant for a long time.

To drink a new style, drink the national pulse, De Run, good wine, and know what you are doing, to benefit yourself and to reinforce your own body; sincerely and sincerely, your business is prosperous, and you will be the best in the world.

Guomai Derun wine is like a modest gentleman, warm and moist like a jade, and it is like a boat in the silent voice. It is like a boat without water, and it is light, but it is a good drink. Our fashion run will surely adhere to the “Der Run in the heart, people practice in the line” to do a good bottle of healthy pure food.

Drinking pure grain and good wine is more healthy; it is fashionable to drink soft and soy sauce! Guomai Derun original, please indicate.