The winter is coming – the New York Times

Although energy savings targeting energy, it also touches on security issues, including Stephan Edel's brain, during the investigation in 2013 in two bedrooms, one bedroom in Queens that he and his wife rented.

They were in a child, and found that the house, built in 1926, is not good: The roommate's room and one small toilet is the same, so "our room is always cool" just boiling, "he said. Mr. Edel, director of the New York Family Workers' Departments, also said that, "When the heat is on, you can feel stubborn winds."

The amount of everything that can be repaired, including mirrors and floors around the windows and doors, walls and small tubes, replacing the old heat and the refrigerator, and opening and changing the stove, was $ 24,000.

The owner of the house has been busy building a large repairs, but Mr. Edel went on to take some advice on himself. It adds windows and doors, cooked bags, put on some windows bags, turns to LEDs and CFL bulbs and closed the front door to the bottom. After heated heating and heating heater finally died, the owner replaced the Energy Star Unit, Mr. Edel replaced some of the intersections.

When he and his family moved to Holy, Mass, in September (by phone), they purchased four bankruptcy banks built in 1924, and made a homeowners property.

"I knew that the heat needed to be served at least, then we are going and it is planned right away," Edel said. The auditor has indicated that he does not just need heating, but also heating and cooling systems. He hopes to make a difference in the future; Now, he works with a contractor on the air cover and the house restraint – many of the same things he did on Queens, which is simple and inexpensive.

"It is not a supporter, so either of them is not good or permanent," he said. "But they are simple types of anyone who can follow the basic guidelines to make the heat reduce."