The wire and footwear are taking the retail route to stimulate sales

Industrial and industrial equipment has changed their strategy and focuses on more retail sales than the sales & marketing industry, due to the delay in paying off the money

Universities have long-term contracts with cable and cabling equipment. But some projects are delaying due to unforeseen circumstances, leading to the capitalization of the use of goods restricted.

On average, the delivery of these projects has been proved in eight and nine months, during the price change of raw materials, which has resulted in a surplus. The delayed payment has hit the productive producers.

However, retail stores and SKUs directly pay for the money. The result of the sale will result in quick delivery of soda products, thus increasing the trade.

"As a retail retail firm, we have lowered our sales rate by about 3-4% of the curbs and measurements, and we sell products that are sold to our customers, so we will not look at the business-B2B business or sale of cheaters because the payment comes four-six months, "said Mithun Chittilappilly, executive director, V-Guard Industries. Other industries have supplied hay & cereals.

After retaking the brand and product range, V-Guard operates on Frost & Sullivan to develop a strongest productive system to support 250 centers in the country. This is the first company to introduce the three layers of India. With an estimated Rs 2.500 crore in FY19, the company plans to boost its production capacity through green projects.

The buyers will make direct producers to negotiate prices and terms of major infrastructure projects. In urban and rural planning projects, companies will receive a discount on goods SKUs or direct distributors.

"Dependency on sales of goods is limited, and most of our construction costs are made up of distributors and we offer EPC contractors (engineers, sellers and construction) and our money are secured with good business contracts. can include credits, a discount center, etc. We have constantly updated our interest rates, "said Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi, executive director of Polycab India. Indoor and catering industry is changing prices for two weeks, depending on the prices of raw materials.

With regard to the government's focus on infrastructure development continues to increase, the need for cables and standards is likely to remain strong in the coming years.

A new research study by CRISIL found that the Indian phone line increased the annual growth rate of about 11 percent over the last five years to reach Rs 52,500 crore in FY18. Overall, business income reveals the prices of essential raw materials, mainly copper and aluminum. Given the cost, CRISIL research hopes that industrial plants grow at an average of 15 percent and reach about 1,033 billion FY23. On the other hand, the price of the bag is rising by producers to stimulate the value of their products, and review them every 14 days.

"We follow a policy that sells the average silver brooch in London for the month to use, which means that we will get the value of the substrate starting at the beginning of the month, the value of the LME is used throughout the month, on average, to finalize the final price paid at the end of the month.This is how we are in the market with respect to the price.In addition, in the sale, we refer to the LME customer's increase or decrease customer value by changing the price list, Deepak Chhabria, executive chairman, Finolex Cables, said.