Things To Do In NYC Month of Honor

This June 50 years since the Stonewall revolution Greenwich Village. To celebrate this historic anniversary of & # 39; LGBTQ +, World Honor is coming to New York City for the first time! If you don't see ads advertised on the internet, social media, rainbow flags, and all the signs of corporate pride, this year's New York Pride will be wide-ranging. Millions are expected to visit NYC by the end of June.

New York Pride is already one of them
the largest festival in the world, and a month of events
happening in and around New York City (and Brooklyn, too!), this year's celebration is sure to be the biggest ever.

Due to the historic anniversary, there are several great activities and events happening around NYC to celebrate world pride during June – when Nearly 4 million LGBTQ + trips are expected to visit. (I'm tired already!)

Things to do during NYC World Pride

1. Check out the exhibition Love & Frequency New York Public Library

Celebrating 50 years until Stonewall, the New York Public Library branch at Bryant Park is hosting a show Love & Resistance: Stonewall 50 through July 14.

The collection includes photos from journalists Tobin Lahusen and Diana Davies from & # 39; 60s & # 39; 70s along with the extensive library & # 39; LGBTQ + history.

2. Visit the Leslie-Lohman Museum & LGBTQ Center

Located in Soho, Museum & # 39; Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & # 39; and & # 39; Lesbian Art & # 39; is a visual arts museum that collects, archives, and exhibits visual art created by LGBTQ artists or artists on LGBTQ topics, issues, and people.

There is a restaurant on site (with wifi) and their online schedule of events serves as an important source for Manhattan visitors. Stop by to pick up a piece of paper and answer your gay & lesbian travel guide to NYC!

3. Join Stonewall Signals 50 wherever it originated

On June 28, beginning at 6 p.m., LGBTQ community leaders will meet at the corner of Christopher Street and Waverly Place in front of Stonewall Inn. Writers, activists, and exhibitors will gather together to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall revolution.

The event will include speeches and theater performances that remind us of what happened in June 1969, celebrate what we have achieved, and encourage us to continue fighting for what still needs to happen.

4. Shop for Pride & Medium clothing in the Phluid Project

One of my favorite LGBTQ shops in NYC is the Project & # 39; Phluid-Dress Shop-mediated clothing and community forum & # 39; 2018. The small coffee on site hosts many events for LGBTQ New Yorkkers from all walks of life. , and the clothing offered is always on-site!

Maybe you saw Samantha Bee and Patti Harrison on their new store and tub? And many other items for sale at the beautiful – though sometimes a bit expensive if you are on a budget.

5. Explore the NYC Rock History Museum at the Brooklyn Museum

As of December 2019, the Brooklyn Museum will also be on display No One Will Promise You Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall. Taking its title from the vocabulary of transgender and active artist Marsha P. Johnson, the presentation focuses on the impact of the Stonewall Revolution through works by contemporary artists.

6. Learn about the local Arts of Steel

And when it was Museum of the City at this year's Spring Clothing Institute Exhibition, Camp: Articles on Clothing featured nearly 200 fashion items from 17th century in the camp about the camp. The show, which opens at the annual Met (hosted by none other than Lady Gaga), was partly inspired by the 1964 "Notes on Camp" written by Susan Sontag.

7. Take an LGBTQ History Tour

In the middle of all events and activities during the Month of Honor, make sure you set aside time to explore NYC's unique & # 39; LGBTQ & # 39; s history. City & # 39; Adventures & # 39; runs a fun arts scene through Greenwich Village which has many unexpected LGBTQ + historical characters, in addition to major historical references.

8. Send a proud World Postcard

With four million people in the city thirsting for World Pride, you can expect the noble shops to be a great crowd! Save some time and use your phone to get a custom-printed postcard to take back with your friends and family!

I love sending cards when I travel, and as my ambassador, I always use their apps to create custom designs. There is an entire collection of LGBTQ and romance-themed cards that are great for Easter.

See my LGBTQ card on MyPostcard here. Use a coupon code of TRAVELSOFADAM for the unexpected landing!

gay code - my & # 39; mypostcard app & # 39;

9. Greet a new one & # 39; do a Solon Salon ah

Are you planning to watch the Pride party on June 30? Are you going to one of the gazillion pride parties hosted all over the city? Come out and show yourself how good you are! For me, that means getting a new cut (and a new hair color) at my Art Room, Art + Autonomy for SoHo and my hairdressing and coloring @AddamArtist.

The entire bedroom always makes me feel special – and beautiful!

10. Shout and share your love for the city on LinkNYC screens

The S loudspeaker program lets you post personal messages & # 39; LinkNYC on the screen & # 39; scattered throughout New York City. Throughout the month, users can shout out their love and support throughout the city with special messages, or "shouting", with friends and family with photos of LGBTQ people.

Throughout the month, LinkNYC links also feature historic footage from Stonewall and later photographer Fred McDarrah. Keep an eye out for them and the interesting facts of LGBTQ history in New York City.

11. Join the world of pride on March 30th

Proudly proud

On June 30, the annual Pride parade takes place on the streets of Manhattan. Starting at noon and is expected to last up to 8 + hours, more than 150,000 attendees are waving flags and glitters to celebrate.

Countless brands and sponsors will be there to promote LGBTQ + advocacy rights and millions of viewers, expected to be the largest LGBTQ + event in the world.

12. Pride Claim in March Freedom

The First March of Freedom is people political touring – there was no real estate company, no police walking. The First Year of Independence Day on June 30 will be back in action from Christopher Street Independence Day in March 1970

Those wishing to participate will gather at Sheridan Arts, which will continue until 6th Avenue, and end up in Central Park's Great Lawn. It is an important reason to recognize where the LGBTQ modern-day rights movement came from, and how far it has gone.

13. Get your perfect Instagram picture from one of 50 LGBTQ street art galleries

Listen, I'm not an Instagram fan, but I find that everyone is always looking for that perfect photo spot. And it looks like the NYC Pride knows it, too!

The WorldPride Mural project features 50 local and international artists who have been invited to create glasses in all five boroughs in New York City. The characters have different scores and dimensions and represent the full diversity of the LGBTQ community.

I'm not sure how many lenses are designed to survive after the NYC Pride, but it certainly added a lot of color to the city already.

Where to Live in the World

Arlo Hotel in SoHo, Manhattan

With one of the top rooftop bars in Soho, an amateur hotel & # 39; hip lobby bar & café & # 39 ;, and an excellent restaurant in the Harolds area, the Arlo Hotel is one of the best places to go present during the week of pride.

The rooms are small but very quiet – perfect! Arlo SoHo also featured one of the wonders of the World Pride on one of the walls of their building to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Revolution and the half-century of LGBTQ independence. Even if you don't book a room at Arlo's hotel, look out for the rooftop terrace and not miss the world glass & # 39; World Pride mural & # 39 ;!

Check out Arlo SoHo hotel prices

Aliz Hotel in Times Square, Manhattan

One of NYC's newest hotels & # 39; s Times Square, Aliz Hotel is also home to Dear Irving – the top open-air hotel in all of Manhattan in the 40' and 41st floors (and with some nice bumper stickers, too!).

The views from the main rooms (the south facing rooms have views of the Empire State Building) and despite the size of the hotel, the rooms are comfortably extended with great amenities. A useful pride guide can be found on the website detailing LGBTQ + pride agreements.

Cheap prices at the Caliz Hotel Times Square bar

William Vale of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

In the heart of Williamsburg's hipster, The William Vale is topping the neighborhood with the best views of Manhattan. This month, the hotel is hosting a number of LGBTQ events, including an introductory celebration, LGBTQ movie nights, as well as honor-building events, too! See the full William Vale schedule for details.

The rooms at William Vale are sleek and stylish, and stand out among other NYC hotel properties with their modern design. Each room in the house has balconies (write a corner book for the best view) which only makes the whole experience more magical. Even if you are not planning to stay at the Brooklyn hotel, do not miss the rooftop of Westlight with a spectacular 360-degree view.

See The William Vale ratings

Check out full-LGBTQ hotels in my NYC LGBTQ hotel guide here [link coming soon]!

The pride of the world is going to be a lot of fun this year, and keeping track of all the events, demonstrations, and festivals does not go easily. That is why I have proven some of the things I love to do in NYC and be proud of it.

It will not be possible to do everything (and expensive), but I hope this guidance guide will get you easily and comfortably at most NYC Pride this year! Find the full schedule of NYC World pride events on their official website.

See you here!

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