Three crucial points in copywriting to enhance the charm of the circle of friends!

Copywriting is not an instant, but insists on having your own point of view!

I usually recommend that everyone be original, original is the best to reflect your own value!

A lot of people regard originality as a very difficult thing. In fact, in my opinion, originality is not difficult!

A sentence can also be original

A paragraph can also be original!

Copying other people’s good copy, deleting unwanted, plus your own understanding, is also original!

Friends are inseparable from copywriting,

Various copywriting skills are everywhere,

but really want to integrate into your circle of friends. Still need to come according to yourself!

If you want to do marketing in a circle of friends, then copywriting is a pass you must go through!

Instead of just copying and pasting forwarding every day,

It’s been a long time, and you become a dependency after you get into the habit!

There is no place for you to stand in the circle of friends!

Someone said: I understand the truth, but what should I write in the circle of friends, what should I write?

The hard copy of the copy was not seen,

Even if someone saw it, there was no deal!

There are many more questions like this!

In my opinion, it is the key point to write in a targeted manner and stick to your heart.

The content of the circle of friends should not be all advertisements, all advertisements will soon have no friends!

If you want to do marketing in a circle of friends, you must be inseparable from these three directions to write!

You can revolve around three points:

1. Product related

The three most important points in copywriting are to enhance the charm of the circle of friends!

The information about the product circle released by the circle of friends is a must This is to let friends in the circle know what products you offer, and professional copywriting can show your professionalism and increase your trust. Don’t be too embarrassed about product copying. That is, around the selling point of the product, what function does this product have? It is written around a point every day. For example, this product has five functions. From Monday to Friday, it is good to write around one day, such a cycle. Going on, you can let your friends see you, not boring!

Second.Customer needs related

Friends circle the information related to customer needs, stand on the user’s point of view, think about the problem, and tell his doubts. It can highlight the humanization and differentiation of your services, thus bringing them closer together. Do we often meet some customers to consult, then do you usually collect them, what problems are they asking? Every time we post a question in a friend’s circle with a simple copy, does it immediately attract the attention of the customer, and it can also resonate, isn’t it?

Three Critical Points in Copywriting Enhance Friends Circle charm!

Of course, you can share a small story with the buyer, for example: “Thank you for your trust, you have always been concerned about my circle of friends, the day before yesterday I bought the product. After I received it, I immediately used it. Everyone in the family ate. I told me today that the family is very satisfied and I have to talk to me about the agency.” Many agents who are careful, I like to write such a user story. Today, when you have an order, you can tell the details of this process. When did the customer consult, what are the concerns, why did you buy it later, and what feedback will you use after you bought it? The more delicate the process should be written, the better. But be sure to pay attention to protecting customer privacy, be sure to remember the mosaic, this is respect! If you can get the opinions of customers before you send friends, it is better!

Three. Related to yourself

The circle of friends is a social place, and publishing content related to you is to strengthen the awareness of friends in your circle of friends. Let the user know who you are, in order to increase your trust in you, this is the most basic and always needed. No social, no deal! I hope you will remember this sentence forever!

Three Critical Points in Copywriting Enhance Friends Circle charm!

So, every piece of content posted by your circle of friends, to a certain extent, needs to be carefully thought out before sending it out. Value information can add points to you, whether it is to let others know more about you, or to know more about your products. It is quite necessary, otherwise, it is better not to send! It’s good to have a chat with the customer at this time, do some useless work, complete the task, and do it!

It’s different now, you have to concentrate on your heart! !

After understanding what should be sent, the form of content presentation needs us to pay attention to it, and we need to carefully plan it, for example:

1, the picture is very important


Important importance of pictures. Everyone knows that many people are lazy, writing others, pictures are others, and even pictures that have been forwarded N times are also followed by friends, which greatly affects the beauty of the circle of friends!

The picture is beautiful! The picture is beautiful! The picture is beautiful! If you want to talk about it three times.

The number of friends in the circle is neat, either one, or 2/3/4/6/9, don’t have a picture, if you use multiple pictures, you should choose the same series. The picture should be based on the vertical picture, the size is matched with the screen of the mobile phone, and the picture is divided by the user, or the big picture, or the beautiful picture.

Now are smart phones. You also have products in your own hands. They are all original pictures, and they are still high-definition. This time is not willing to spend, no wonder no one in the circle of friends likes to watch. !

2, the text content should not be too long

A lot of people don’t pay attention to the details, don’t you find out,

The text is folded into a long time Horizontal line?

When the text is slightly longer, the full text will be displayed?

There are also typographical issues! ! !

A good user experience is that one page can be rendered, and the statement should be fluent, and there are ranks that are convenient for her to see. Don’t let the user go to the full text. The Internet brings Fragmented reading, who is free to see an ad and open the full text? Of course, unless you write very well! Or some of your hardcore fans! For those who don’t know you, you’d better go according to the requirements mentioned above! ~

3. Use less strange symbols

The symbols are used ingeniously, that is the icing on the cake, and vice versa, it is self-defeating!

Many words can now be replaced with patterns. However, it is not recommended for use here. It is too hard to read, not smooth, and looks very messy. We can use a modal particle or a small amount of expression to participate in the sense of emotion, but try not to use words instead of words. Because you want to let others know about you, rather than let others feel that you are different! Although to some extent, you may have achieved results, but if you want to do marketing, the advice is still in order!

4, try to be as simple as possible

It seems to be very well written, but it doesn’t seem to know the writing, the central idea is not clear! Try not to use words that are hard to understand, and let users know what you are saying in the first place in order to generate interest in continuing reading. If you look at an advertisement and you have to use your brain to understand what you are writing, who has the brain to move? You make others comfortable, you are naturally comfortable, always remember, in the social age, whoever is comfortable, who has the most customers!

Three Critical Points in Copywriting Enhance Friends Circle charm!

I hope you make your own original intentions!

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