To build a strong community design exercises with the Grant Pierrus

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Welcome to this week's events at the 1st Session of the Initiative & # 39; Interior Podcast & # 39; where you get an in-depth view of the world's perspective on the business idea.

Today's event is a private interview about the host, Grant Pierrus. Grant is the London-based prize winner, Using the Home Opportunity!

In the area, Grant tells of his story how he started outdoors in the interior, the key points of his career, and why they built the value of a stronger building in the community.

Continue the specialist schedule today to find out more! A special note for Renu Ravalia who interviewed Grant.

Key Points:

  • Grant's story and how he started out of space.
  • Why did not Grant tell anything about it, first.
  • Floating space leads to Grant "going out" on his blog.
  • Grant & # 39; s Year 1 goal: building strong profile.
  • What makes the Style Style specialty in the design section.
  • The point when Grant realized he needed to change the skills.
  • Grant collaboration and Grant projects.
  • Like the world in the way of change in the last few years.
  • Grant focuses on building a vibrant community.
  • How has social media helped Grant grow his business.
  • Internal designs for watching movies, according to Grant.
  • The challenge is to find a balance between work and life.
  • What Grant Go & # 39; has decided to transfer the client to the concept of customer service.
  • Grant dangerous lessons learned from his business over the years.
  • The importance of building a group that can not be trusted in your business.
  • Grant's biggest achievements in interior design.
  • Future Objectives for Household Ideas: Building a strong community
  • Grant's own goal of self and business.
  • How the grant is set for the working life schedule to set boundaries.


"You need the network around you, and the opportunities in the network that want to build your business." – @interiorshunter [0:06:13.1]

"The world of designing is now very big." – @interiorshunter [0:12:35.1]

"The design of the interior is not well enough to support the institutions." – @interiorshunter [0:13:29.1]

"It's not a lot of numbers; it's about the real relationship you build." – @interiorshunter [0:19:43.1]

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