Tonight the fact that the expanded factions of the 29Rooms in Brooklyn – or not

Last week, the last round 29Rooms exhibition from the Refinery29 office in Brooklyn. The exhibition 29Rooms is described as a "cultural and creative technique where artists, perceptions, and partners have their ideas for life through the integration, exhibitions, and story-based events.

But, in fact: it's just something Instagram.

The experience was first launched in 2015, and is one of the news media companies – and one of the most popular Instagram sites. Basically, the artists are invited to create interactive space for photographers and "models" that are intended to be introduced in front rooms, walls, and places.

I'm not sure what to expect at night, but I had a hard idea. I have included other artistic world-wide appearances for the Instagram – and, also, that is what is 29Rooms.

29Rooms Brooklyn 2018

• • • •

This new edition of the 29th Brooklyn was opened last week in New York Fashion Week with reference to the topic "Expanding Your Reality". Travel looga new means to think that he is thinking about the past except daabacadii, and 29Rooms, there was a clear political vision.

You will get three hours to walk in a space. Some rooms are clearly say "no pictures" are not you a little bit of eye indhaynaysid during the experience. The entrance to the room is a great picture that describes the design of the room, artists and famous companies.

29Rooms Brooklyn 2018

In many areas the sites are apparently "cold." They are well made for Instagram photos. The staff are on site to help you take your photos. It's a lot of roses waiting for many people to spread so you get "good immunization."

Here's what I found, though: Many people do not read what's in the rooms. With all your tickets, everyone is in fun to see as much as possible. Personally, I have found all the beautiful images to watch people come to the art created to promote commercial and Instagram's business.

29Rooms Brooklyn 2018

Do not make me wrong: This art is important. People need to see that they feel they are around. But 29Rooms do not feel artistic. She felt like a kind of drug capital. Sure, there were fanatics, but their work was tried, never visited, to understand, stop and think. There was a picture of the pictures that were not artistic, but pictures on the front, or behind, or through, or inside.

The idea was not a craft, it was ours. Drunken stockings triggered by capitalism. There was a room created by the Moxy Hotel including a bar posted by fake plastic to take a fool and photos. What was the idea? How did that think that it was for me to visit me?

• • • •

Earlier, more than 100,000 people visited one of the United States in the United States since the beginning of 2015. Thousands of others will see the event this year. Tickets are Payments $ 39.99 + general entry; The "lighting" ticket on Saturday night is available $ 129.99. 100% is this all for the sake of combining any of our Instagram obstessions. In any case, but honestly do not think it is worth the price.

29Rooms Brooklyn 2018

Yes, you can take some basic pictures (100,000 others will take it). Yes, the affected system can use the opportunity to sell clothes and anything else. Or you can buy a ticket from MoMA, or Met, or any type of art museum, which is free of charge. And opportunity to see, feel, and (yes) sometimes even touching the art. And outside of the banquet for pure capital or charismatic or strange things we are in the vicinity of our lives as described in the picture we share.

I like the art. I think it's an important part of our lives, it is often ignored and down. Unfortunately, we share the music with us. It is natural or well, and surprising, enough space to increase the labels.

It's amazing. It's a little wildlife. It's depressing. But I took the pictures. And I will join you with them, and this will do to you. I will be encouraged to do it again. But if you go to & # 39; see 29Rooms, take time to talk with the singers. To read their artistic speech, and to stop and breathe and watch (THE MOST DOCUMENT) on the wall. We can find and create the arts anywhere; You see you see.

29Rooms Brooklyn 201829Rooms Brooklyn 201829Rooms Brooklyn 201829Rooms Brooklyn 201829Rooms Brooklyn 201829Rooms Brooklyn 201829Rooms Brooklyn 2018