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the highest things to see and do in Northern California

If your dusty site is San Francisco and you want to explore all of the beauty in northern California, your choices may not end.

You get views of the coast of Mendocino and all along the Pacific Coast, there is a wine country in Napa and Sonoma, there are forests as far as the eye can see in Tahoe and Redwoods, and even some really cool / golden-brown. mining towns.

Here are the top things to see and do in Northern California!

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

Whether you are a foodie, an art lover, someone who loves history, or you love city life, San Francisco has everything for everyone.

It's the perfect place to skip the California road trip or be a weekend getaway.

However while you're in town, don't forget to check out the Golden Gate Bridge, visit Haight-Ashbury, and get off Lombard Street!

winchester home secret

Winchester Intelligence House

Located in San Jose is the secret home of Winchester, a home that is straightforward, makes no sense. Built in 1884, the home is known for its size and amenities as the doors and windows lead to nowhere.

It is also said to have been poisoned, though the workers claim that the skulls are friendly.

It may seem weird because it is shown Ghost Adventures, MythBusters, and the American horror story.

Redwood trees

Redwood National Forest is something directly off the post. Head down the Avenue of the Giants, 31 miles from the first half of Highway 101, to see some magnificent trees nearby.

Go swimming, fishing, or running 50,000 acres of wooded & # 39; redwoods & # 39; to truly experience the beauty of nature.

If you want to see a little history, visit Pet & Forest & # 39; in Sonoma where you can find large tree-lined trees dating back 3 million years!

The Golden Age Experience

From 1848 to 1855, California was dominated by the Gold Rush.

The golden news has brought more than 300,000 people to the state of California in hopes of getting rich. Although the impact of the end, you can see the history of emergency (and even a bit of shock yourself) Discovery State Park in Marshall's history.

You can also wander the historic highway to Murphy, a dilapidated small town with only 2,000 residents. It is home to art galleries, theaters, beautiful hotels, and eye-catching shops.

Tahoe, California

Take a bike to Tahoe

Traveling is one of my favorite ways to explore a place to go and Tahoe has some of the most beautiful trails in the country. With endless beaches, constant sunsets, and steep mountainsides, there are many trips to choose from.

Some of the highlights include Skyline Trail, Fallen Leaf Lake, Rubicon Trail, and Mt. Tallac (This 10-mile hike is tough but the view is required 100%).

Visit Glass Beach in Fort Bragg

Located in MacKerricher State Park, Glass Beach gets its name from the bottle that found its way to the beach. The site used to be a dumpster where many bottles of glass were left.

These cheap bottles are now a treasure you can enjoy (but taking a glass of wine – it's illegal!).

Point Reyes lights

Reyes Reyes

Located 30 miles northwest of San Francisco, Point Reyes is a beautiful beach made of rocky sands and sandy beaches.

As you move around and around, you will be able to see the bad stuff, the harness of the harbor, and the wild remembrance. Don't forget to check out the candlesticks and enjoy some oysters and craft cheese during your visit!

the russian river that can float along the northern California coast

On the river floor

There is nothing like catching a few friends and some beer and drowning in a river on a sunny day.

Northern California has two rivers (I recommend US or Russian) that are great for activities this afternoon.

If you are looking to get some exercise, you can also force a boat or on kaarato. No matter what activity you choose, don't forget to pack a lot of sunscreen and get hot!


Sacramento has become a very popular travel destination in recent years. With lots of fruit shops, street art (there are over 600 music), historic buildings, restaurants, and table-to-table restaurants, everyone has something.

I personally love exploring Midtown, where you will find fun shops, gourmet clothing, and delicious food.

The Mendocino area

Stay calm Mendocino

If you are in a relationship with a loved one or just want to plan a weekly weekend, Mendocino is the perfect place to spend your time!

Known for its world-class wine and the view of the beach, it is the perfect place to sit and relax.

Go wine tasting, cream on the beach, hiking, and some bread rooga comfort to get the full experience of Medoncino.

Go to Apple picking

If your visit to Northern California is planned for fall or early winter, I highly recommend picking apples off Apple Hill.

You can pick up sweet gold, sweet gold, pippen, pink dresses, and more! And if you have a sweet tooth, you should try eating applesauce and apple pie.

In general

If you are heading south to San Francisco, check out Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and other guides in California!

While there are a few other wonderful things to see and do and so much beauty flowing in Northern California, the list should be written somewhere! What would you add?