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Since my first trip around the world, I have been awakened. There is something special about visiting a new place for the first time – the only one that does not belong to travel friends or pre-existing ideas.

I have been living in New York City for over a year now, and like any of my other homes, I have made it a point to know what I can do, when I can. As a recent law resident, with a New York driver's license even, I find it almost time spent in discovering the state of New York outside the "city" bubble.


Choosing where to look for digital detox

After a busy month of NYC pride events, I knew I needed a weekend of July to get up. For a few days I catch myself trying to catch up with a comedian, and keep my head clean. The first idea was to send the scheduled weekend by the beach, but the views from the back, I thought that was a little bit of time in the mountains going to leave.

I have been famous for the Catskills for years, but on my visits to New York City, I never left any more than Brooklyn.

My relationship with the Catskills needs a little history. For a while in college, I studied art history, especially Romanticism. (For anyone who has been with me for years, this is part of my relationship with Germany and why I have difficulty in German culture – but that's another story).

Here’s the thing: Romanticism has a very close relationship with Transcendentalism and the Hudson River School – New England philosophy and philosophy that has laid the groundwork for many of my writers and artists. And much of the inspiration came directly from the land of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson Valley.

Having not gone to the Catskills, for many years studying art history, I thought I had a clear idea of ​​what it would be like. Destruction of green valleys, rivers, and small mountain houses along fields. Maybe some ice cream and ice cream and vegetables sold at the roadside. It seemed like the only thing I needed for a quiet weekend away from nightlife in NYC.

A tour of the Catskills using the Expedia program

So, naturally: I was interested in what this part of New York was. Usage Expedia app, I looked for hotels and packages that could help me get to Catskill County. It's only a few hours drive north of NYC, but with the car, it's a challenge to reach.

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Fortunately, with Expedia, you can book your travel segments separately, and any applicable discounts will go through while you book. I knew I needed a rental car but was still unsure of the City of Catskills I wanted to stay in, so I first made this appointment.

A few days later, when it was the last time I booked in my hotel (moel, really), a "package" discount was applied directly to the program. With a hotel and rental car near my home in Brooklyn, I'm ready to go!

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Solo trip to the Catskill Mountains

Probably my biggest challenge for the weekend was, predictably, getting out of NYC traffic on Friday afternoon. I was happy that traffic was really only an hour away from my trip and I was in the state for the evening and simply checked into my hotel.

The store was empty when I arrived. Dark roads, warm summer winds, and a renewed glow sign were welcomed into my home. As soon as I got up, I was immediately reminded of my childhood journeys with my family when we were staying at & # 39; Motels & # 39; or KOA camps.

My room is medium – nothing special. The wooden-walled walls in front and front have two reclining chairs. Yes, this will do, I thought. Exit over the weekend.

It was so dark to see so much, just some of the stars in the sky, but next door to my hotel, the only building I saw a mile away – you guessed it: a factory.

Perfect!, I thought. In my vacuuming and carving, I walked over to a table, ordered a burger and beer, and watched the people around me. The park was filled with a group of men, sort of working with their hands. Fox News used to be on TV, but I quickly left the world.

This week will be an opportunity to wake up to the world, go back to nature, simply relax.

The next morning, I took my books and a reusable water bottle to the forest. Stop in, first, a shopping & dining area for breakfast, and then I headed towards the famous Kaaterskill.

Sometimes you need to walk in the woods

My weekend at the Catskills was the only kind of week I needed to inspire and inspire me. I managed to spend my time alone in my head, thinking of my crazy summer season and thinking about the big ideas and projects that I still want to do this year.

I spent several hours in and around the Kaaterkill waterfall and my books (three of which I filled out). But when a little rain came in, I moved to the nearest town. I found a nice restaurant with outdoor tables that I prefer to have a brown ice cream lunch, because that's the right path for #solotravel!

ice cream sundae

In the afternoon, I returned to my hotel to enjoy the pool in the sun, and plenty of time with my book. Some of the other guests were there, drinking wine and some getting sun while the queen beat a strategy.

swimming pools

It was really nice and simple. As opposed to Saturday weekends in NYC where I go through activities and groups of friends. On my big Saturday night outside the Catskills, I drove 20 minutes to Hudson.

On the Hudson River, the city is famous for these gay, when I met friends there for dinner and drinks. A free night departs from another quiet city.

On Sunday when I headed to NYC, I felt revived. Recovered for a few days in this fresh air, the green, the open sky. Sometimes you need to hike through the woods to get you back on the right path.

Solo Trip to Catskills Road with Expedia
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My only tour of the Catskills was organized and supported by Expedia. Expedia has a better understanding of how and why we love to travel, and you know that a millennial-era traveler like myself enjoys this kind of digital event that happens occasionally. Solo Travel gives you the opportunity to go out and explore, learn and think, and discover new things.

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