TTK Representatives complete the renewal of Freedom of Moving in a fantastic sense of behavior

From the start of the project's plan, designers prioritize creating a unified combination of unique personality, natural beauty, and glossary surrounding landscaping; This kind of genre can only be found in the tree of Joshua.

The original building, built in 1961, was a natural and unusual home away from Joshua Tree. The article looks at the beautiful sight of the national parks and the surrounding areas of the valleys. Beautiful natural beauty through the different windows is striking when the reaction feels inner.

Preparing for 1,307 square feet, the Victim's Home Transport can be easily sorted by identifying a t-shirt. This is a dedicated jewelry that offers a special display and gives you a look at the garden screen and even a part of the inside interior through the main window, to prevent overheating.

The home is a lightweight L-shape, but inside is based on an open minded, free-standing part. This will help improve the light, but the color scheme and the coloring of the color feels well. The most important feature of the living room is the burning fire, covered by the pavement to cover the porosity and landscape.

In addition to the fire, which attracts nightmarish warm-ups at home, the home is actually in the same garbage collection that is specially designed to store wood. When firing, it is best suited to a small brochure that has been installed in its own window, where the vision can motivate any work done at the table.

After sitting in the living room, with its appearance, color mirror and colorful colors, is a beautiful rubbish bin and a beautiful kitchen, a simple window decoration. Walnut, which can be seen from all home furnishings, has been introduced in the construction materials again, which is different from the quartz weights.

In all popular places, there are two bedrooms – a lounge and a toilet room and toilet. After that, around the back of the house, it sits on the "guest room". Depending on the needs of residents, this can serve as an additional room or perhaps a kind of studio, artisan space, or repatriation author.

The hotel room has the same natural and straightforward natural style as the living, and each leads the sun. In the days when the doors are closed with the weather, the room still has a lot of light due to a long window with a beautiful wall. In the main hall of the hall, the heat from the heat, the heat from the floor is coming out of the ground to fight night and winter.