Turkish President Calls for Killing of Peace Probe Jamal Khashoggi

The Turkish President has again returned to Saudi Arabia after the killing of Saudi opposition leader Jamal Khashoggi and put pressure on the kingdom, urging Alliance Alliance to ensure that criminals will be punished.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the publication of the Washington Post newspaper on Friday, reiterated the verdict on the order of Mr. Khashoggi's Consolidated Consensus in Istanbul comes from the "highest levels of Saudi Arabia."

However, however, said he did not believe that King Salman ordered it. That seemed to suggest that he would blame the emir of the security chief, Mohammed bin Salman, the head of the Royal Danish Crown.

"Nobody should be tempted to do such a thing in the United States for the United States again," Mr. Erdogan wrote on the page, printed on the column Khashoggi. "The killing of Khashoggi was a clear violation of the WTO Accreditation Agreement on the Consulate General, and the failure to punish the perpetrators would create a very serious threat."

Turkish officials have warned further details of the murder. Khashoggi of the October 2 consulate. He went there to receive letters that would allow him to marry his Turkish racist.

Saudi Arabia, after being denied by Mr Khashoggi, was killed in the consulate, and then changed the story several times before acknowleding that foreign troops had traveled from Saudi Arabia to death. She said she had arrested 18 people linked to the murder.

But the niece did not say where Mr. Hashoggi's body or order of death.

Prince Mohammed appears to have been able to maintain the power of Saudi Arabia's power, although he was an increasingly internationalist figure behind the assassination. Trump management has gone standing as the people know the White House.

Mr Erdogan, however, showed that he had no interest in the matter being deleted. Mr. Khashoggi was a friend of the president and many of his advisers, Mr. Erdoğan killed himself as his personality.

"Some seem to hope that this problem will continue on time," he wrote. "But we will continue to ask these questions, which are important for Turkey's criminal investigations, but also for Khashoggi families and loved ones," he added.

"At least, he deserves to burst into the norms of equality of Islamic traditions."

Erdoğan also strongly condemned the actions of the Saudi Aramco consortium and what he described as being a co-operation with Saudi researchers.

"Although Riyadh arrested 18 suspects, he was deeply concerned that no action was taken against the General Secretary General of Saudi Arabia, who had fabricated the media, and then fled to Turkey," Erdogan wrote.

"Also, the refusal of the Saudi Arabian general prosecutor – who recently visited Istanbul – to work with the investigation and answers even in the simplest way is simple," he added. "Turkey's international tourist investigation in Saudi Arabia about a lot of discussions on the case has felt like a deliberate and deliberate tactics."

Mr. Erdogan pointed out that he wants to put pressure on him.

"These statements took place in the United States or elsewhere, and the authorities in these countries have had a decline in what has happened, and it will be a question we want to do in a different way."