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Doha: Simone Biles fans still have a Doha exercise on Thursday when she became the first woman to win four of the world's top scorer.

Americans can not be indifferent despite the unwanted errors in two of the techniques, vault and beam, to apply for its 12th name in the world.

"It does not mean that everyone gives the heart of the heart," she said. "Sorry, I will not do it again."
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The 22-year-old had strong challenges Mai Murakami of Japan took silver and American friends, and in 2017 won the Morgan Hurd.
Months finished 57.491 points, almost two points clear of Murakami 55,998. Sleep was posted at 55.732 points.

Months are not much more than expected.

She was annoyed after the misfortune she had had on her first hero, circle, and she was struggling her place.

Though, the success of the victory was 1.693 which is the biggest league in its history.

However, Biles are not satisfied.

"I'm still disappointed because I know what I can do," she said.

"I do not show who I am, unfortunately, but we have the final so I hope to recover myself."

She is on the course books of several books this week.

They now have 16 billion international championships, only four behind the record 20, by Svetlana Khorkina.

So far, she has won one gold medal in Doha – she has already taken gold jewelry earlier this week – she becomes the first woman, woman or male, to win 13 cups world

The month is the best of months for individual events, which take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

Inclusion of his wonderful achievements is the fact that it is even experienced by the kidney problem seen at the weekly hospital holiday.

She said Thursday that the kidney is not a matter of fact.

Its success came after winning the 2017 victory after winning the gold medal, winning four gold, including all around.

Police earlier this year, Biles has revealed that it is the victim of a US doctor last known Larry Nassar, and sentenced to 175 years in prison and charged with rape.

It was also made by the Permanent Secretary Murakami as it is the first German to win the money.

Hurd said she would feel "beautiful" with the bronze medal.

"I did the best thing I could do today," the 17-year-old said.

Nina Derwael of Belgium and Angelina Melnikova from Belgrade.

On the other hand, Derwael is leading the competition, and they seemed to have won the gold medal, but were out of the top three at the top.

The focus on competitive competition was only 0.001 points between the fourth and fourth derivative of Russia.