Unusual basketball game, giving you an artistic feeling

On September 8, 2018, the Harlem Global Traveler team will hold an exhibition match in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province. This is the first game of the Harlem basketball team’s 2018 China Touring Exhibition. They will bring wonderful fancy basketball games to Chinese fans and friends. Unlike the average basketball game, the fancy basketball game is more inclined to entertainment. Blending with the rhythmic HIP-HOP music and dynamic street dance, the Fancy Basketball Tournament is an art-level game that offers the ultimate in visual and auditory enjoyment.

In the fancy basketball game, the hot dance is an indispensable element. The players dribble and pitch with the rhythm of HIP-HOP music on the court to form a unique rhythm of the game. The wonderful basketball game and the strong rhythm of hip hop music, each can make the audience full of enthusiasm. When the two are combined into one, it is a great igniting of the audience’s passion. More than just dynamic music, there is a passionate dance in the fancy basketball game to set off the atmosphere. Or dancing while showing a funny and humorous performance, giving the audience a cheerful feeling, always can cause the audience to burst into cheers.

 Unusual basketball game, give you an artistic feeling

Harlem basketball team as fancy basketball The leader of the team, its interpretation of the fancy basketball can be said to be a three-pointer. In Harlem’s exhibition, the fusion of music and dance made the game more interesting, and added a bit of artistic color to the confrontational and competitive basketball game. Fancy basketball is more focused on interaction with the audience. In Harlem’s basketball game, interaction with the audience is also one of the most anticipated. No previews, no scripts, suddenly became part of this exhibition, which is the charm of fancy basketball.

 Unusual basketball game, give you an artistic feeling

Fancy basketball is such a breakthrough People’s past cognitions, different types of basketball. Based on basketball competition and fancy performance as the main form of expression, the music dance and basketball activities are perfectly combined to show the common charm of sports and art. It can be said that the freedom and joy in the spirit of fancy basketball is the meaning of the fancy basketball game. In 2018, the Harlem basketball team’s China tour show is about to open. This unusual basketball game, with the majority of basketball fans and friends, is the first stop in Lanzhou, swearing to bring an artistic feeling to the audience, so stay tuned.