Usain Bolt could not turn on football

Usain Bolt insists he can be a professional player despite a court hearing in Australia, insisting on Saturday: "I still have."

Eight times in the Olympic Games, "unlimited" have been attempted to hold demonstrations at the A-League Central Coast Mariners Friday after negotiations failed.

The club is reportedly offering only a small part of the $ 3 million (US $ 2.1 million) trainers are looking for, and external suppliers needed to complete the uncertain contract.
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"It's sad that it does not work," Jamaican 100m and 200m world record holder told Herald Sun in Melbourne Derby Day, where he entered clothes, mirror mirror and golden bags.
"But we have divided good terms and it is good.

"We had great experience with the players, guys were very good – we could not do much about the contract, but I hope to have another chance for another club."

Bolt, who retired in the last year, has long been dreaming to become a football player trained with Mariners since August, resulting in an international break when he scored two goals last season.

However, Manchester United fans have been asked by some technical experts and some of the players, and have now been tested in Germany, South Africa, Norway and Australia.

When asked if he would continue to look for a player, despite a delay, the 32-year-old said: "It's true.

"We'll see what's happening, I think people are still in contact with my agent now, so I'll see the direction to go.

"For me, I learned that I still have.

"I feel I'm going to improve, to see the first game of the game, I'm better and better, I know it's hard, but it's all about honesty and work."

Bolt has recently rejected the verbal agreement with Maltese Valletta to focus on trying to enter Australia.

He urged the president of Jamaica to return to his home and play for a local team, hoping to call international duty.

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