Victor Marchetti, 88, Death; The book was the first to be condemned by C.I.A.

In its judgment, the Court of Appeal has defined a comprehensive definition of what it has brought out of its articles. For example, it may include anything that is considered a "beneficial", even if it is not "important" national security, a court said, if long documents were stamped in any other sentence, anyway However, inefficient, it must be considered as specified.

Anthony Lewis, who has long been working on the New York Times Lawyer, issued a warning after the ruling, wrote: "Can I write a place that is not secretly defined as national security without the prior approval of the CIA? fact or even write stories. "It's not or is it's an unusual situation, different from one of our histories."

The book became the best buyer. It was one of the CII accounts that helped consolidate foreign governments and hold US citizens (Mr. Marchetti among them) leading to the creation of the Senate Electoral Board in 1975 Learn about intelligence violations.

The work of the committee, headed by Senator Frank Church, Idaho Democracy, led to the laws calling for the investigation and commitment of the social security concept. Despite the contradiction, Mr. Martetti helped his book to participate in the literary nature of public disclosure.

"When Marchetti made it, he was strangely unknown and the government did not know how to react," said Aftergood. "His first impression was to try to stop and not to detail, and they succeeded, which made the only book that was celebrated."

Victor Leo Marchetti Jr. Born on October 23, 1929, Hazleton, Pa, Victor, had fun hobbies and shopping facilities; his mother, Martha (Poniatowski) Marchetti, was home.