Vietnamese Bienhouse created by Nemo Studio for a luxury rental business

In addition to the beautiful maritime shoes of Vietnam, the design team at Nemo Studio recently completed a beautiful residential project called Bienhouse for the area's leading rental company.

Notably, the beautiful new property is located in Ha Long Bay. Originally, the house was built and completed in an unobtrusive manner, as all the company's houses, Vinhomes, are. On the outside, this home is large, modern, and impressive, but has a recognizable character that looks like many of the other homes in the area.

In this case, it is inside that indeed sets the house and produces the nature of the site itself and its surrounding effects. Now as new tenants have come in and added their personal touches, the character of the home is brightly lit and some of the best features have really been revealed.

Of course, one of them you The best things the house can offer is a stunning, spacious view of the beach and its beautiful surroundings. This feature can be found in the innumerable windows of the house as well as on the rooftop decoration of the home with plenty of good air and a good showcase of jumping and small boat activities from the house.

Inside the house, the design is clean, neutral, and in good order. The spa-like palette was deliberately selected in an attempt to make the indoor environment just as relaxing as the one off the beach. The structure and dimensions of the furniture, the structure, the storage areas, and so on, were done with great consideration and consideration because at the same time the designers wanted the house to feel like a home away, they also wanted to be better equipped. organized, organized, and efficient, reducing stress and making sense to reduce daily stress.

Another very attractive option was the placement of large windows and large changing doors that feel a barrier to the inland and interesting beaches. The purpose of many of these openings was to allow residents to feel like they can find a beach anywhere in the house.

Looga sites simply not possible to access the beach, they wanted to visit naqshadeeyayaashu at least build the beach atmosphere well at home, but don't be the kind of person you probably have seen before. They were intended to promote, a transient atmosphere transmitted mainly through the fluid structure and nature. This theme extends to bedrooms, bathrooms, sidewalks, and even stairwells, from the entrance to the ceiling to the roof.

Enforcement officials also wanted to make the house light, airy, and even more spacious than the two-dimensional view already provided, which is a central theme they try to keep at all. their various houses. This is why the designers chose to create a metal staircase within the home with a large, spacious living space, creating a light space that really feels like a focus. The unique curved shape and bright red color of the stairs really attract the attention of the guests, which is sensitive to the space as this staircase allows access to many important areas.

If we had to choose the area of ​​the house that we think designers should prioritize the most, we can say that bedrooms were treated as the most important! It was made as far as possible to distribute the square footage across the house, but it was also deliberately created with a delicate sense of shape, line, and shape.

The bedrooms are where the senses are — as I mentioned before really happened at home. Selected furniture is intuitive, natural, and very stable although they are also well designed. This material was chosen deliberately organizing method and corresponding sounds warm medium and other details, such as curtains and carpets, has been chosen to correspond to model decorations.

If you ask us, simply the best part of the bedroom is the large concrete room in the bedroom. Because it is a light green color, it looks like it is made of jade, which makes it look like you might find it in the royal palaces of an ancient castle. It connects to the rest of the house as closely as it was outdoors because the designers included another piece of decoration and details made from the surface and glass and other areas of the house.

The top of the house, of course, is the fifth floor of interest. This is for family reunions, community gatherings, or peace time reading. A place has been prepared properly or groups who are looking to enjoy some time outside alone, every company, is perfect A place to enjoy that beautiful sunset and sunset.

Photos were made by Vu Ngoc Ha