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Breastfeeding It was a cultural event during the last five seasons and was presented at the exhibition show Good to call Saar, who is entering his fifth season. But the presenting fans now have a lot of hope: According to Hollywood Report, a Breastfeeding The film is the job. The details are still serious, but Vince Gilligan, who created the original series, is leading the new project and working with the Sony Pictures Television to produce the film.

Information about the project is small, but a few important details have been made. The sources were told THR This song will write and authorize the movie launch (which may also be possible), and the story will follow an abducted man and escaping from those abducted. UPDATE: Slashfilm said the film will follow the behavior of Jesse Pinkman after the end of the series Breastfeeding, and the actor Aaron Paul will return to the project.

AMC / Sony Television breaks
AMC / Sony Television breaks

Production is expected to begin in New Mexico in the coming weeks, and the project has been launched directly Greenbrier, although this may be the placement address.

In addition, Sony and Gilligan are under the project. It is unclear if Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, or one of the original Breastfeeding The stars will appear in a new film, or how it will fit into the big international show – it may be Good to call Saar, or sequence of the form. Also, there is no information about whether the movie will be released on the theater or directly into TV or drunken.

But surely, Breastfeeding Supporters: You will find plenty of things to watch.