Voting for Sports Games can see Olympic Games

The International Conference on Amateur Boxing Federations (AIBA) started in Moscow on Friday may be a symbol of the sport and his Olympic career.

Gafur Rakhimov, a Uzbek-linked member of the US Department of Finance, is one of two nominees for the AIBA president.

Rakhimov strongly denied the allegations in the United States, but in October the International Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has arrested the AIBA and refused to represent Rakhimov for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires.
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The IOC has announced that it is ready to lose the AIBA movement in the Olympic Games, and expel the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games if "the government's problems" are unresolved.
In February, the IOC said she was concerned about the appointment of an Uzbek businessman in the transitional president of AIBA, a still-held position.

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The IOC has lost the oven since the Rio Ferito judge was ruled by all the 36 defendants and the judges suspended in connection with inquiries.

Internal power struggle saw the former president, CK Wu, who was deported from Taiwan.

It was banned after the report of "investigative investigators" K2 Intelligence's report "major negligence and financial mismanagement on issues of AIBA and the economy".

The ban is required to be approved by member organizations of the AIBA Congress in Moscow.

IOC President Thomas Bach said in February he was "very concerned about the AIBA ruling".

Even though police officers have been informed of important information about refurbishment in IOC in April, the risk is to lose Olympic sports.

"This report shows the progress and optimism, but it is still missing out on the implementation and substance of some areas," Bach said in May.

"So we have our rights to remove the dust from Tokyo 2020."

Another candidate for the AIBA president is Serik Konakbayev, who won the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.

His participation in the tournament was thrown in doubt this month when the AIBA election commission refused to fail to submit the final forms.

But Konakbayev appealed to the Sports Arbitration Tribunal, which ruled out (CAS) go to AIBA.

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