Warrior's Girl. Letters. Cold shoes. & # 39; She-Ra & # 39; it is back

GLENDALE, Calif. – In many ways, "She-Ra and Princess of Power", a new Netflix series from DreamWorks Animation, will be accompanied by the original supporters of the camp. Adora is here, looking for a soft sword to She-Ra when she announces "Grayskull's honor," so it's Catra, his old friend and again, chaos again. There is a flow of volatile leaves with pearls and pearls in the hands of many red cuffs, not to mention the cold sports and war games.

But recovery, from Noelle Stevenson, found a sensual story about brain psychic, more than a psychological weight gain. Including original music, the revival of She-Ra lives in a vibrant world of artistic design between France's Jean Giraud (aka Moebius), Japan's Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki and anime ah And a series of topics on major issues, such as colonialism, genocide and isolationism, with the aim of protecting its own flag.

"I like the basics," said Stevenson, 26. "But we wanted to take what we enjoyed and set up, the meat came out."

In a series of routes, only run in just two seasons, the best thing is known about their relationship with the famous mattel site. But Stevenson is a painting and artistic story "Nimona," about a shifteshing girl who can cut the fire back to Triceratops, named Award Book Award – thinks the cartoon is possible look up

On the eve of the first day, Stevenson's office at DreamWorks, explained how she performed a story about the heroic hero and her team of additional pirate gangs for 2018. In fact, every hero the actual size and shape, the facial phase and model models (which made it easier for the films, not to mention adults who made the mattresses, which really represented the original presentation). They all have & # 39; 80 & # 39; big hair. All of them were white (Netossa, the last posting of the show, was an exception).

"One of the first things we want to do is make the diverse characters, shapes and ethnicities," Stevenson said.

In the new series, which starts November 13, there are black fighters, the Princess Asian Islands and brown mermaids. The types of body are exposed to exercise to move around; hair hair contains Rapunzel fibers, bubbles and events. The Voice of the Art, including Karen Fukuhara, "Reshma Shetty" ("Royal Pains"), Vella Lovell ("Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"), and a guest guest, Sandra Oh ("Killing Eve" ), is the way that the characters play.

Aimee Carrero, born in Dominican, grew up in Miami in a large area of ​​Latino, is the voice of the Nordic leadership. "She will never be a girl," she said, "but I'll be a girl as She-Ra."

DreamWorks has acquired its rights in 2012, along with more than 450 other Media Media houses, such as Casper, Lassie and Voltron: the global defender. After a long time, Beth Cannon, DreamWorks's development leader and Nimona supporter, reached Stevenson about developing a story story. There have been many things Stevenson liked for the film's background, from their friends ("they really felt they were playing games") to show crazy stories ("There's a father who can turn limbs"). However, she admits artistic limitations, from movement, movement most often not easily used as usual for the use of images. "The nature was limited," said Stevenson.

Recovery, the animation team created landscape designs and Moebius ("Heavy Metal") and Roger Dean (these "Yes" doors). There are principles & # 39; movements in Miyazaki and modern architecture designs. (Adora's eyes become bigger and shaking when looking at a horse for the first time.) "I'm on my Web site Kill La Kill / Literature," said Keiko Murayama, who helped to create the designs of she-Ra / Adora, Bow, Glimmer and Catra.

The artist thinks She-Ra is young, athletics, white bicycles and top. They replaced the tops of the shoes (given, white, blue, gold). "The things we took over were the She-Ra line," Murayama said. Even so, a new image has attracted the young guns, but a group of online artists hits it with a new and unpleasant one.

In response, the supporters came to the internet to defend the new image and the question of why young people appear to be emotionally funded by a young teenager. The scores of women and girls have created and shape their traditional She-Ra style she-Ra culture. Still others – including professional artists from animation companies around the city – created hundreds of artists, many of them in Stevenson posted on Twitter.

"We have the wall of the fan, which is the bottom floor of the ceiling, full of artists from the nature of the nature," she said. "That's what we did. If you want to watch a beautiful girl with an hour's clock, you can go to many places to find out."

Stevenson has been out of work for Spinnerella, one of She-Ra's princess, along with Carrero, Merit Leighton ("Alexa & Katie") and Krystal Joy Brown (played by Diana Ross on Broadway music in Motown. Together with the voice of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, the four women fight with the Evil Horde Army and play a very beautiful game, all celebrated for the honor of "Honor of Grayskull!" From Carrero.

"They always save those who end up at the end of the day, because they know that after that, my voice is completely done for a few hours," said Carrero.

I think one of the bone boys, everyone inside and outside was a woman. The presentation has one male male in the ordinary voice (Marcus Scribner, "black-hearted") and the entire room of all the authors (the first for all).

"Boring is still a very well-trained man, so it is the first time I have worked with many women," said Josie Campbell, a novelist who wrote the Princess Prom. Each of our texts is very strong, and we are all very large in geeks. "

Françoise Mouly, a long-time journalist and novelist editor, was a referee at the Stevenson awards award entitled "Nimona" in the best news magazine in 2012. "Noelle's work can see why it is important for the talent of young girls to play a bigger role," said Mouly. "Her work is going beyond the Bechdel exam."

During that time yea Talking about guys will add to the great work of Somali girls, such as the fight against Evil Horde, as an example of some of the worst clubs in the world. Colonization, the name "fit"? Check it out. Stability (although it is called) and destruction of the area through tragedy on earth. Check it out. The authors also report the risk of discrimination (the girl, at least before meeting her) and the hatred (against technology and others).

Stuffing objects, relationships are the foundation of the physical appearance, Stevenson said. During the series, there is a wide range of love and heartbeats, jealousy and frustration, and everything between them. "They are young," she said.

This includes Adora / She-Ra.

It can make you strong with a strong sword. But when the series starts, you never miss dance (or dance, even), or have gone to party, or romantic. She is worried that her new friends will like it, or if she has to work even with all the girls.

"When you arrive as an adult, you begin to feel all these things," said Stevenson. "Starting love for the first time, you start to get away from some of your friends, and there are all these feelings to explore and the characters we have many feeling. "