Watch Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur safely

If you want to avoid services – or simply want more ways to avoid them – several holiday customs are well lent to be done outside the synagogue. Tashlich, the crime symbol of Rosh Hashana, is often made out of water even if a global health problem does not continue. But with many parks limiting the number of groups even outdoors, synagogues include birds (the most appropriate type of friendly environment for traditional bread crumbs) and Tashlich’s instructions for the holiday basket to be sent to members. HighHolidays @ Home also offers downloadable prayers and guide ideas, and you can throw pebbles at anything near the water available, including the kiddie swimming pool. Another option: Write your sins on rice paper, which dissolves in water. (On Amazon, it's often called "spy letter.")

Thereâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s also Rosh Hashana Seder, who looks more like a high-profile dinner than the & # 39; Pedara Sederâ & # x20AC; & # x2122 ;. ("Seder" means command.) If you've never heard of this practice (mentioned in the Talmud), you've already caught a little bit of one if you've ever spilled an apple with fresh honey this year, says Vanessa Ochs, who is a divine professor at the University of Virginia.

Before Rosh Hashana no dinner was served – or tapas during the meal – you ate fruit or vegetables attached to a particular Jewish value or your favorite at this time of year, such as black-eyed beans or fenugreek as a symbol of blessings. increasing. Online you can find dozens of suggested subjects, many involving Hebrew, Aramaic and, these days, English. (Some people have celery in the celery – “wage increase.”) You are free to be angry: Lord Ochs, I do not like to have a fish head (a symbol of the head of the year, as well as a leader) at her table, so she replaces Swedish fish candy.

Finally, keep in mind that “attention” is relative – everything goes if it suits you.

"We really encourage people to take the core of the soil and do what the Jews have been doing for 3,000 years and be creative," said Rabbi Jacobs. He said you can go for a walk and think about the holiday message, or you can chat with a friend or family member about a new start. You can also do kind deeds for people who are in trouble because of a health problem – for example, by "taking good care" of a great neighbor, he says.

Some families making corrugated services, with 10 adult looga required minyan, or Genevieve (all with children). Aviva Pearlman, a sixth-grade teacher in Denver, borrows her Torah temple, prayer shirts and books (and shofar!) From friends and hosts a small family, all with their faces covered, in her yard.

Ms. Pearlman, who this year switched to online learning, said making Holy Weeks really felt like one big screen: “I really wanted to get together and meet other people from all three parties ah. "