We live in the Giving World. Here's how to drive.

Streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV Plus and Hulu provide a package of TV shows and movies to join. Also, Spotify and Apple Music give you instant access to millions of songs. But streaming services do not have everything there, such as abstract art films or live shows by music artists.

So that's how you can manage your streaming content. There is a clever way involved in creating your own media cloud, which acts as a lock for your information.

Michael Calore, Wired's editor and part of D.J., said that when Spotify misses his favorite music, he pulls it off the disk and sends it to Google Play Music, Google's music service. He then plays music in the Google Play Music app from his smartphone.

"It's basically the same as my private music service," he says. Taken together, people can apply this feature to any songs they do not receive for sexual services.

In the movie, I will share my calmness, which is not heartbreaking.

As a student studying the film, I had a collection of hundreds of DVDs, many of which were indie cinema titles that could not be found in any streaming service. So when I switched to headings in digital video formats, which I stored on a connected web storage device, it was basically a server.

From there, I installed the app & # 39; Plex & # 39; video-streaming on my Apple TV program, and on my smartphone, I installed Infuse 6, another video app. I have developed both programs to attract mini computer movies. In this way, I can still enjoy my ability to stream special collections of art houses using my tools.

Of course, many of the & # 39; s & # 39; of (& # 39; minor), physical discs are unprecedented, and new hidden addresses are likely to be released on streaming service. But for those who want to customize the content they present, physical media is worth exploring.