Wedding custom wine, personalized custom, beautiful wedding

A wedding is one of the most exciting moments of a lifetime. A perfect and unique wedding can be reflected in the details, looking for ideas from the details, so that the wedding is perfect. The wine at the wedding is a detail that has been neglected. The appearance of a custom wedding wine for Futian wedding proves that this detail can make a big article. What are the usages of wedding custom wines? Xiaobian teaches you!

wedding custom wine, personalized custom wedding

The usage and dosage of wedding custom wines

1. Newcomers’ own collections

Collection reasons:

The most beautiful moments of witness and retention in a lifetime, Imagine that after the wedding, the only thing worth to remember is the wedding dress and this lovely wedding custom wine.

Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, even in a normal day, open a bottle again, sweet and romantic.

2, the two elders survived

Retained reasons:

The wedding of the children is the greatest pride of the parents, from the support of parenting Before and after the wedding, they must pay a lot for it. Send a wedding custom wine that can be a wedding witness, express the respect of the children to the parents, and grateful to the parents.

They may not want to drink, but they will show their friends, guests, neighbours, share your happiness and get satisfaction.

3. Guest’s return

Preparation reasons:

Traditional gift, wedding candy, wedding cake, hi-smoking, etc. Keeping up with this era of personality, an ingenious return can express your gratitude and not let the guests feel their rudeness.

Customized wedding wine, you can print new wedding photos, names and greetings on the wine packaging, as a gift, you can express this friendship gratitude clearly, for the recipients In fact, they received more than just a custom wine, but a friendship, and they also collected this friendship. If some friends and relatives expressed their wishes and could not come to the banquet, they would send a bottle of wedding custom wine, so that they can share your happiness and make up for the regret that they can’t attend.

4. Gifts for the ceremony

Preparation reasons:

The wedding is a happy and complicated process, best man, bridesmaid, actor , makeup artist, host, lighting engineer, sound engineer, videographer, photographer, driver… There will be a lot of friends and family, the staff are busy, hard work, give them a gift of gratitude It is also human nature.

Send a pair of wedding custom wines, just right, full of fun and respect. He or she may not be able to measure the value of this gift, but it will definitely be touched by your care.

5. Drinking at the wine table

(1), the banquet uses the custom-made wine for newcomers as the main drinking, because it is more novel, chic, wine The amount usually increases, so you should increase the original reserve by 20% to 30%.

(2), on-site newcomers toast, can be calculated with a bottle of 5 tables.

wedding custom wine, personalized custom wedding

A Futian Wedding Custom Wine is very good at the brewing and packaging of wedding custom wines. It is a well-known custom company in the industry, which brings you different surprises.